Best 5-Channel Car Amplifiers Maximize Your Car Audio

“Enjoy Premium Sound for the Car’s Audio System with Equal Power Distribution to all its Channels by Investing in one of these 5-Channel Car Amplifiers.”

Are you sick of getting foggy and distorted sound from the audio system of your car? This makes you unable to enjoy the overall audio and driving experience. Then instead of using 2 – 3 amplifiers, you can go with this 5-Channel amplifier and fix them to your car’s audio system. This compact, space-saving amplifier will power and run the entire system (including both dual front and rear speakers along with the subwoofer) to produce exceptional sound quality without distortion and background noise.

Here is a quick outlook of the key factors to be considered when looking to purchase a 5-channel amp for your car’s audio system.

  • Power output rating (peak power & RMS power)
  • Impedance
  • Frequency response for sound quality
  •  Number of channels
  •  Compatibility of the amp with the car’s sound system

For more information on these 5-Channel Car Amplifiers, we recommend you read our detailed “Buying Guide”. Also, we compiled some of the top-rated 5-Channel Amplifiers that are used to enhance your audio experience in your car/other vehicles.

Best 5-Channel Car Amplifiers:

Best 5-Channel Car Amplifiers:

Here are the individual reviews of some of the best 5-channel amplifiers that effectively drive the car’s audio system to deliver exceptional sound quality. Go through them and pick the correct option that is suitable for your car’s audio system and enhances your listening experience.

1. BOSS Audio 5-Channel Car Amplifier

BOSS Audio 5-Channel Car Amplifier

Boss Audio System PV3700 5-Channel class A/B full-range car amplifiers have a 2-ohm stable, offering a maximum power output of 3700W peak and 1850W RMS power with a MOSFET power supply for better sound output & high-efficiency performance.

Also, this bridgeable amp features a variable low pass filter (control over frequencies passing to the subwoofer), variable high pass filter (fixed frequencies that pass to full range speakers), variable bass boost (adjust the low bass within the range), remote subwoofer control, and high- & low-level inputs (accept speaker output signals & pre-amp signals). All these features let you enjoy a wide range of audio sources.

It has eye-catching multi-LED backlit illumination and safety features (thermal overload and short protection) that make it look attractive and also ensure its safety and longevity. The sleek & stylish design and compact size will make it easy to install and fit well in various car models.

While its SNR rating of over 105dB, THD of 0.01%, and wide frequency response will make this PV3700 deliver impressive sound quality for music enthusiasts and audiophiles. Its variable input sensitivity lets you customize the sound as per your preference.

User Feedback:

  • Most people have praised this BOSS Audio Systems PV3700 car amplifier and given numerous positive responses due to its versatility, exceptional sound quality, durable build, and easy installation. Yet some people complained about overheating and frequently going into protection mode.

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2. Hifonics 5-Channel Car Amplifier

Hifonics 5-Channel Car Amplifier

The Hifonics BRX1116.1D Brutus Mono Super D-Class Subwoofer Amplifier is an efficient and powerful option designed to improve the overall sound quality of the subwoofers.

This 5-class class-D amplifier has a maximum power output of 1100W and 550W RMS power at 1 ohm, making this amp delivers high-quality sound to enjoy all types of music. Since it has class D circuitry, the amp reduces heat generation and uses power efficiently which ensures reliable and consistent performance.

Additionally, it features phase control, variable low-pass, subsonic, and input sensitivity control that lets you customize for compatibility with a wide range of audio sources. Its sleek & compact design will make this BRX1116.1D easy to install and use in a variety of car models. Coming to its protection features, it consists of thermal, short circuit, and overload protection that ensure its safety and longevity.

User Feedback:

  • Most people appreciated this BRX1116.1D car amplifier from Hifonics for its ultra-fine MOSFETS circuit, LED color indication, affordability, exceptional sound quality, and easy installation. Yet some users reported lacking bass quality and getting overheated.

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3. Planet Audio 5-Channel Car Amplifier

Planet Audio 5-Channel Car Amplifier

The ANARCHY AC1800.5 car audio amplifier from Planet Audio is a high-performance bridgeable full-range amp that is most preferred by music enthusiasts and audiophiles.

This AC1800.5 amp has a MOSFET power supply that delivers a maximum power output of 1800W peak and 900W RMS and comes with a class AB topology that delivers a clear, crisp, and accurate sound without any distortion. Also, it has a variable low-pass crossover, variable high-pass crossover, variable bass boost, remote subwoofer control, and subsonic filter features to control and customize the sound by driving these speakers and subwoofer.

The compact size and sleek black & red finish design will make this amp easy to install & use and widely compatible with most car models. With its short circuit protection, overload protection, and thermal protection, the amp ensures safety and longevity. The high & low-level inputs of the amp make it compatible with a variety of audio sources by carrying the signal from the amp’s receiver to the speakers.

User Feedback:

  • The Planet Audio AC1800.5 5-Channel car amplifier has received numerous positive responses due to its easy installation, decent sound quality, 2-ohm stable power, and switchable input sensitivity. Yet some users complained about often going into protection mode and initially making some noise.

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4. Polk Audio 5-Channel Car Amplifier

Polk Audio 5-Channel Car Amplifier

The Polk Audio PA D5000.5 is one of the powerful class-D car amplifiers that is most preferred by car audio enthusiasts delivering a max power output of 900W RMS that make it a dynamic and powerful addition to the car audio system.

Its compact and sleek design having a brushed aluminum finish will fit easily and complement any car interior. It comes with variable high-pass and low-pass crossovers, a subsonic filter, rear full & HPF switch, remote bass level control, and variable bass boost control that allows for customized sound performance. With its RCA connectors and nickel-plated wire terminals, the amp is quite compatible with various audio sources, while its preamp output connects multiple amps.

It offers various protection features like DC offset, thermal protection, reverse DC voltage, and short circuit protection to run safely for a longer time. Since it is a Class D amp, they produce crisp, powerful sound quality with low distortion. Additionally, it has a higher SNR rating (105 dB), MOSFET switching power, and stainless steel hardware that take the audio to the next level.

User Feedback:

  • Most people got impressed with this Polk Audio PA D5000.5 5-Channel Class-D Car Amplifier for its easy installation, superior sound quality, safety features, LED indicator, and wide compatibility. Yet some users complained about being slightly expensive and having poor bass quality.

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5. Pioneer 5-Channel Car Amplifier

Pioneer 5-Channel Car Amplifier

The Pioneer GM-D9705 is a great option to consider for music enthusiasts seeking to enhance their car’s audio system. This is a bridgeable Class-D 5-channel amplifier delivering exceptional sound quality. It has a maximum power output of 2000W peak and 650W RMS power (75W X 4 channels +350W X 1 channel @ 4ohms) making this amp delivers impressive power and highly efficient performance.

The wired bass boost remote feature will allow the user to adjust the bass level easily as per their preference. The GM-D9705 comes with a variable high-pass and low-pass filter which you can adjust easily as per your preference and speaker setup. Coming to its protection features, it is equipped with over-voltage, over-current, and thermal protection for its safety and longevity.

While it has both low-level and high-level inputs and speaker-level inputs that offer wide compatibility to play a variety of audio sources. The wide frequency response and higher SNR rating (over 95 dB) will make this GM-D9705 deliver excellent sound quality and high performance.

User Feedback:

  • Most people have appreciated this Pioneer GM-D9705 5-Channel Class D amplifier due to its high-power output, easy installation, superior sound quality, wide compatibility, and value-for-money option. Yet some people complained about getting static noise from the speaker upon starting the amp and poor build quality.

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6. Skar Audio 5-Channel Car Amplifier

Skar Audio 5-Channel Car Amplifier

The Skar Audio SK-M9005D is a compact class-D full-range 5-channel car amplifier that delivers exceptional sound quality and high performance with less power consumption and heat generation, making it a great option to install in place with less space.

With its maximum RMS power output of 900W, the amp will deliver the best possible sound quality to enhance the overall sound experience. Also, it features a high-efficiency MOSFET design, and 4-way protection circuitry ensures a reliable and stable power output. While it comes with various protection features, including thermal, overload, speaker short, and DC offset. Additionally, it has variable low-pass & high-pass crossovers and bass boost that lets you customize the sound as preferred.

Being a compact size with LED illumination & variable input sensitivity, the amp is widely compatible with both high-level & low-level inputs and allows you to enjoy a wide range of music types. Its remote bass knob and cable allow you to control the bass from the dash.

User Feedback:

  • This Skar Audio SK-M9005D amplifier has received positive reviews from numerous users due to its compact size, durable build, easy installation, and excellent sound quality. Yet some people reported frequently going into protection mode and getting inconsistent power.

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7. Kenwood 5-Channel Car Amplifier

Kenwood 5-Channel Car Amplifier

The Kenwood X802-5 eXcelon 5-Channel Class-D car audio amplifier is the most preferred option and a great addition to the car’s audio system. It offers high-resolution audio that captures all the details of the music/audio. So, immerse yourself in this rich and powerful sonic experience, thanks to its ultra-high and low frequencies.

With a max power output of 1600W peak and 700W RMS power, the amp drives the speakers and subwoofers effectively to deliver high-quality sound. While the compact size & sleek design allow for easy installation and wide compatibility with most car models. It features RCA and speaker-level inputs, variable low-pass & high-pass crossover, and bass boost function, the amp will provide various options to customize the audio experience.

It offers various protection features that include short circuit, thermal, and overload protection for safe and long-running. The amp delivers a clear, and high-quality sound with its high SNR rating (over 100dB), low THD (<0.05%), and wide frequency response. Also, it has an output coil with a magnetic shield, optional wired level control ready, and a speaker-level input harness for enhanced sound and easy installation.

User Feedback:

  • Most people appreciated this Kenwood X802-5 eXcelon 5-Channel car audio amplifier for its exceptional sound quality, easy installation, durable build, CEA-2006 compliant, and sliding terminal cover, making it a great value-for-money option. Yet some users criticized it for being expensive.

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Quick Recommendations:

Here are the quick recommendations based on different categories that help you to pick the product instantly as your requirement.

  • If looking for the Best Overall, then pick the BOSS Audio 5-Channel Car Amplifier. It comes with a high-power rating of 3700W peak and 1850W RMS power, a wide frequency response of 9 to 50k Hz, a THD of 0.01%, and various essential features that deliver exceptional sound quality at a reasonable price range.
  • If seeking the Best Budget Friendly, then go with Hifonics 5-Channel Car Amplifier. It comes with a decent power rating of 1100W peak and 550W RMS power and Class D circuitry that delivers high-quality sound in all types of music at an affordable price.
  • If looking for the Best Bass Sound Quality, then pick the Pioneer 5-Channel Car Amplifier. It features a wired bass boost remote and various excellent features that let the user adjust the bass level and audio level as per their preference.

Buying Guide for the Best 5-Channel Car Amplifier:

Choosing the best 5-channel amplifier for the vehicle’s audio system is quite a difficult task from numerous options on the market. Here is the list of key factors that have to be considered before buying a 5-channel amplifier to make a worthwhile purchase.

1. Power Output

The amplifier’s power output will determine whether or not it has enough power to drive the speakers or subwoofers without distorting the sound. In most cases, the maximum power is the total watts of RMS power from each channel combined. So, checking the max power output of the 5-channel car amplifiers before making their purchase is essential. You have to look for the amps offering a minimum of 600W RMS to power the overall stereo system yet not underpower them.

2. Impedance

The impedance rating is the measure of electrical resistance from the amp, and it is measured in ohms. The amp’s impedance should match the sound system for its compatibility. The lower the impedance rating, the better the speaker’s function on the amp. Mostly, you have to choose the amp with a lower impedance of 2 – 4 ohms.

3. Compatibility

You should choose the 5-channel amplifier that is compatible with your car’s audio system (speakers & subwoofers) to ensure getting the best possible sound quality. For proper fitting and better compatibility, you need to connect the amp and the car’s head unit via its input options, including high-level inputs, low-level inputs, and RCA.

4. Channel Configuration

In general, the 5-channel amplifiers provide 4 channels for speakers and 1 channel for subwoofers. Yet remember some models offer different channel configurations. Therefore, it is essential to check the channel configuration before making a purchase.

5. Frequency Response

The frequency response of the amplifier will affect the overall audio experience. However, the audible range of the human body will be 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and you have to choose the 5-channel amps that offer the frequency response within this range. Most of these amps will come with a frequency response of 10 Hz to 30 kHz (or even up to 50 kHz). We suggest you use the 5-channel amp that won’t exceed the audible range.

6. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

This THD will influence the sound quality of the audio system, irrespective of the amp’s power output or higher volumes. So, check the THD and choose the 5-channel amplifier that has lower THD (lower than 1% – 0.05%) for better functioning of the car stereo system.

7. Amplifier Class

Simply, it is the topology of the amplifier, and Class A/B and Class D are the most common classes used in the 5-channel car amps. However, the Class AB amps deliver better sound quality, whereas Class D are efficient models and the most preferred options in these 5-Channel amplifiers to fit in your car’s audio system.

8. Signal-to-Noise Ratio

The signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is referred to as the noise carried over by the amplifier, which is measured in decibels (dB). The higher the SNR rating, the better the amp’s performance. Most experts suggest you choose the 5-channel amplifier with a higher SNR rating of above (>) 90 dB for better results. Though eliminating the entire background noise (noise emissions) is impossible, you can reduce/minimize it as much as possible by using the gain settings.

9. Size

The size of the amp will determine its proper fitting in the car installation space. Also, these 5-channel amps are available in various compact sizes. So, it is a must to consider the space availability in the car and the particular amp size before making its purchase.

10. Build Quality

A well-built and durable amplifier made of high-quality components is the preferred option. As it can easily withstand the rigors of the road and last longer by providing the essential power to drive the speakers/subs.

11. Brand & Price

Any product (including car amps) from a reputable brand has the best quality and reliability. So, most people prefer to choose products from a well-known brand, even though they are a bit expensive.

Ensure to set a budget for the amplifier and then look for the best quality models that offer the best value for money within your budget range. The price of these 5-channel amps will range from $100 – $1000 (or above). The higher the price range, the better it offers the features to let you enjoy the music.

12. User-Friendliness & Other Features

Always prefer to choose a 5-channel amplifier that is easy to install and use. For this, you need to check the models offering clear manual and intuitive controls. Also, an amplifier with extra features that include a bass boost, crossover settings, signal processing capabilities, subwoofer remote control, safety & protection features, variable high & low pass filters, and an effective heat venting system will help for its proper functioning.

To conclude, considering all these factors while shopping will help to find the best 5-channel amplifier for the car audio for exceptional sound quality, reliability, and value for money.

5-Channel Car Amplifiers – FAQs:

1. Is a 5-channel amp worth it?

Ans: Yes, of course, it is worth it compared to other amplifier types. The 5-channel car amplifiers are the best choice to run the entire system (4 – speakers & 1 – subwoofer) with a single amp that saves your installation space and overall cost. Yet remember that the power, quality, value, and other feature differ from one model to another.

2. How many speakers are hooked up to a 5-channel amplifier?

Ans: In general, a 5-Channel amplifier is used to connect up to 4 – speakers (front – left/right, rear – left/right) and 1 subwoofer. Simply, this amp boosts the power of the entire car audio system to effectively run the system that includes two front and two rear speakers along with a subwoofer. Some models are bridgeable which lets you combine two channels to boost the power and accommodate various setups.

3. Does installing an amp affect the car’s battery?

Ans: If installed or wired properly, then the amp won’t kill or affect the battery of your car/other vehicles. In most cases, car amplifiers are notorious for pulling power from the car batteries – new & efficient amplifiers use less energy and vice versa. Ensure to have a professional install your audio system and amplifier in the car to prevent draining its battery.

4. How to match the car speakers to the amp?

Ans: If you want to match the speaker to the amp, then you need to set the amp to 50% more powerful than the speakers. Yet the impedance of the speakers and the amplifier should have the perfect match. This means, the higher the power output (wattage) and the lower the impedance. Also, ensure to purchase the amplifier and speaker from the same company for it proper matching and efficient functioning.

5. What is the best and most powerful 5-channel car amplifier?

Ans: Kenwood, Boss Audio Systems, Alpine Electronic, JL Audio, Planet Audio, Skar Audio, Hifonics, Polk Audio, Infinity, and Pioneer are the top brands that manufacture various car accessories, including these 5-channel car amplifiers. You can pick any of the above-mentioned 5-channel amps for your car’s audio system to enjoy exceptional sound quality with equal power distribution to all speakers.

Wrapping Up:

A single 5-channel amp is enough to power your entire car’s audio system and drive the speakers and subwoofer to deliver exceptional sound quality. They take up less space, making them quite easy to install and widely compatible with most car models.

We hope the buying guide and the top-rated 5-channel car amplifiers will ease your shopping and selection process. Do you have any queries or thoughts to share with them? Then feel free to share with us in the comments section below. We are happy to hear from you and respond promptly.

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