Why Is AirPods Case Flashing Green?

The Apple’s wireless airpods come with a charging case that acts as storage and charging dock.

This case features a LED light at the front which exhibits different colors to notify various details like charging status and others.

But when it displays a green light, you may be wondering what it could mean – whether it is an indication of a serious problem or just a charging status.

In this article, let’s explore the possibilities of the green light notification to unravel the issue with the charging case of airpods.

What Exactly Does Green Flashing Light Mean For Airpods?

Usually, if the LED light on the Airpods case is flashing green, it represents full charge and ready for use. The flashing green light also suggests that the case has at least one complete charge available for the airpods.

If the airpods aren’t present in the charging case, the green light could mean it is fully charged and ready for airpods to get charged. However, if you are dealing with any issues with airpods, then the flashing green light may represent a different problem. To resolve this issue, you can reset the airpods completely or else just contact Apple customer service for the support.

Why is My Airpods Charging Case Indicating a Flashing Green?

If you have been wondering why the airpods charging case has been providing a green light, then below are the answers. We have provided several reasons why the green light could have been displayed and what it means for the airpods charging case.

1. Airpods Charging Case is Charging

The green light in the charging case may represent that the case is currently getting charged. If the AirPods are not inside the case, but the case is connected to a power source, the green light will flash to indicate that it is charging up. It is recommended to wait until the flashing green light becomes steady before disconnecting the case and charger.

2. Airpods Charging Case is 100% Charged

When the airpods case is blinking green light, it represents that the charging case has completed its charging and ready for usage. This is especially possible if the charging case has been in the charging mode for a long time and reached the full charge capacity. When you want to charge the airpods, you can just place them in the case until the flickering of green light stops and turns solid.

3. Airpods Charging Case in Pairing Mode

When the airpods blink green and amber, then it represents that the pairing mode of airpods is turned on and they are ready to be connected to a new device. This may usually occur when you reset the airpods or when you are attempting to reconnect with a new device that has never been paired. In order to pair the airpods with a new device, you have to follow the process mentioned on your device.

4. In Progress Software Update

If the charging case has been blinking green when the airpods are not placed in it, then it represents that a software update has been initiated and it is still in progress. This blinking green light usually occurs when the case is in charging mode and connected to a power outlet and updating the firmware. Before disconnecting the charger, we recommend you to wait until the flickering stops and the light turns constant.

5. Charging Problem

A green flashing light on airpods can sometimes represent issues with charging, especially if the airpods are not present in the case. Some of the reasons include fault with charging cable, power source issue, or damaged charging case. We recommend you try charging the case using a different power source or cable. If the problem still persists, you can contact Apple customer support for assistance.

6. Problem With Airpods

If the airpods are blinking green while experiencing issues like connectivity and sound quality, then it can represent a problem with the airpods itself. To resolve this issue, you have to reset and re-pair them with the device. If the problem persists even after a proper reset, it is better to contact Apple Support for further assistance.

7. Failure to Identify the Airpods

There might be a communication problem if your airpods charging case is flashing green but neither of the airpods is recognized by your device. Consider resetting the airpods and connecting them with your device again. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your device and that your airpods are completely charged. Contact Apple help if the issue continues for more guidance.

8. Damage to One of The AirPods

The charging case might be flashing green if only one of the airpods is functioning and the other one may be damaged. Look over the airpods for any potential damage signs like fractures or scratches. If you discover any damage, get in touch with Apple support for more information. However, if there is no obvious damage, try resetting your airpods and re-pairing them with your smartphone. Contact Apple help if the issue continues for more guidance.

9. Outdated Airpods Firmware

If the airpods don’t seem to be working and the LED light on the charging case is blinking green, then it can mean an outdated firmware. Check out the Airpods settings to see if there has been any firmware update that hasn’t been initiated. If present, you can start the update. After that, try resetting and pairing it with the device. If the problem still continues, then contact the customer support of Apple for assistance.

How to Resolve the Issues of Green Light Flashing on Airpods?

If you have been noticing blinking green light on airpods, then it can be caused due to several reasons. You can resolve it most of the time by yourself. Below are some of the troubleshooting tips you can try.

1. Make Sure the Airpods are Placed in the Charging Case Properly

Ensure that the AirPods are correctly positioned in the charging case and are actively charging. Wait for the pulsing green light to cease and become a steady glow before taking the AirPods out of the case.

2. Reset the Airpods

If your airpods persistently blink green, attempt to reset them by inserting them into the charging case and pressing the button on the back of the case for roughly 15 seconds. The indicator light on the front of the case will flash white, indicating that the airpods have been reset. Reconnect the airpods to your device to see if the problem has been resolved.

3. Search for Firmware Updates

In case your airpods are exhibiting a green flashing light, it may indicate an outdated firmware. Navigate to the airpods settings on your device to check for any available firmware updates. If an update is available, proceed to update your firmware to the most recent version. This action can frequently resolve issues such as connectivity problems and other difficulties with your airpods.

4. Check the Battery Level of the Charging Case

Low battery level can be one of the main reasons why the airpods case has been flashing green light. So, it is recommended to check its battery level. You can do this by opening the lid while the airpods are still inside and holding it near the device. Your device’s screen will display the battery level. If the battery level is low, charge the case by placing it on a charging mat or connecting it to a power source using a Lightning cable.

5. Cleaning the Charging Contacts

In some cases where the charging case is blinking green and the airpods aren’t getting charged, the problem can be because of dirty contacts. Check the charging contacts of the airpods and interiors of the case as well to see if there is any dust, dirt, or debris. If there is debris, then you can clean it gently using a cotton swab. But make sure you don’t apply too much pressure while cleaning. Avoid using any water or liquid solution for cleaning as the moisture can damage the airpods.

6. Using Different Power Source or Charging Cable

Sometimes if there is a fault with the charging cable or power source, then the charging case can blink green and airpods don’t get charged. In such cases, we recommend you trying a different power source or cable to see if the problem continues even after the change.

7. Disconnect and Reconnect the Airpods

To resolve the issue of AirPods flashing green a simple disconnect and reconnect from your device can do the trick. Access the Bluetooth settings on your device, select the option to forget the AirPods, and then insert them back into their charging case. Finally, try connecting the AirPods to your device again.

8. Update the Device’s Software

Sometimes when the airpods are blinking green and also causing some connectivity issues, then it can be due to outdated software of the device. To fix this issue, check for any updates in the device’s software and install them right away. This usually fixes issues related to Bluetooth connectivity.

9. Use Airpods With Another Device

If the green light is still blinking, then we recommend you try connecting it with a different device. This helps you understand if the problem still continues, whether the problem is with airpods, or the device you have previously it with. If the problem continues even after pairing it with multiple devices, then contact the Apple support for guidance.

10. Contact Apple Support

If the previously mentioned actions did not fix the problem, reaching out to Apple support might be necessary. They can assist in diagnosing the issue and providing a solution. If your airpods are within the warranty period, they may be able to offer a replacement.


Mostly, the green blinking light on the airpods indicate that the earbuds are 100% charged and ready for usage. However, if you are dealing with other problems with the airpods and the green light is flashing on the case, then it can be an indication of several issues that include connectivity, pairing, and others. We have mentioned them in this article for your reference. As an initial resort, you can try to reset the pairing or contact the customer support for guidance.

AirPods Case Flashing Green FAQs

1. What does it indicate if the airpods are blinking green?

Ans: When the light on your AirPods case flashes green and amber, it typically indicates that your earbuds are in pairing mode and prepared to establish a connection with a new device.

2. Why is my airpod’s case blinking green even when they are connected to any power source?

Ans: Usually, the LED light may flash green for a brief moment when the airpods are connected to a power source. This is actually a regular feature to notify the charging process. So, the light will turn off once the airpods are completely charged.

3. How long does it take for airpods to get completely charged?

Ans: Usually, it takes around 2 hours for the airpods to get completely charged. Once the charging case is fully charged, it can provide charging to the earbuds multiple times before it need a recharge again.

4. My Airpods don’t get charged, what can I do?

Ans: If the airpods are not getting charged, then it means that the charging contacts on earbuds and case are dirty. So, try cleaning them using a lint-free cloth or cotton swab. If the problem continues, then either try resetting the airpods or contact Apple customer service.

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