Best Cell Phone Stands for Every Budget and Style

Is it really possible to have your mobile phone with you every time even if your both hands are occupied with some other task? For example, while having food. That’s where the product comes in line i.e cell phone stand.

This mini tool is designed to make your life simpler with your daily task. Whether you are watching a recipe online and chopping the vegetables at the same time or watching a technical tutorial video and practicing it live, this mini tool can help you to concentrate completely on the task without being worried about your mobile phone.

In order to buy a well-compatible cell phone stand one must look for four major aspects i.e compatibility adjusting angles & material. Let’s have a detailed discussion about each of these points for a better understanding.

  • Compatibility: Nowadays cell phones are the only device in the market with the most variants present in the market. Be it brand, size, working, or anything. But here we need to understand the compatibility we are talking about is size. Because every cell phone has a specific size and dimensions, it’s better to look for a cell phone stand that can comfortably hold your device without damaging the product.
  • Adjusting Angles: Cell phone stands are designed in such a way that they can be adjusted as per the device based on their limits. Also, they are capable of adjusting the face so that a user can make it work however he wants with no fewer restrictions.
  • Material: Material plays an important role in all sorts of products. It is as important as the brand. As it assures you of the durability and strength of the product. The better the material used the better durability we can get from the device.

Now the question which automatically pops up in mind is, which one should you buy?

Well, we have a “Buying Guide” for you with all the details which you need to know before purchasing a cell phone stand along with our top suggestion for you to make it easier to choose.

Best Cell Phone Stand Chart

Best Cell Phone Stand Reviews

1. Lamicall Cell Phone Stand

Lamicall Cell Phone StandLamicall is a well-renowned brand specifically working in the field of cell phone stands. A brand with all types of cell phone holders for multipurpose and multi-location. Be it an office, car, bike, or anything Lamicall has backed you up with all types of cell phone holders.

Today we have Lamicall Cell Phone Stand specially designed for office desks; with its unique design and wide range of color availability, this product stands in first place on our list. The stand is made up of high-quality aluminum alloy along with a clean finish which enhances its design and looks more eye catchy for a user. Not just that it’s affordable price range makes a huge impact on maintaining the first position

This is compatible with almost all sizes of cell phones specifically for cell phones with large body sizes up to 8 inches. It has a special mounting base which makes the unit more stable. Along with that, it has a balanced design for better safety performance.


  • Stable and balanced designed for proper and safe holding
  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy
  • Compatible with almost all types of cell phones from a size range of 4 to 8 inches.


  • Fixed holder for cell phone, which can not be readjusted.

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2. OMOTON Cell Phone Stand

OMOTON Cell Phone StandOMOTON, a dedicated brand towards the field of stands. It has stands for almost all sorts of electronic devices like cell phones, tab, laptops, or any other computer accessories.

OMOTON Adjustable Cell Phone Stand has successfully managed to hold second place in our list. With its simple design and high compatibility range makes it a proper choice for a cell phone stand buyer. If you are looking out for a one time perfect cell phone stand & if budget is not a major concern, the OMOTON adjustable cell phone stand is the best option available in the market.

This has the advantage of having a bigger hook than any other cell phone stand. It can hold a device with a size of up to 10.5 inches and as small as 3.5 inches. The stand can be adjusted up to 270 degrees which allows users to have a real hands-free experience. Along with that, it is made up of aluminum or thicker size which makes it more stable, strong & heavy for a better user experience.


  • Larger cell phone holder hook which can hold devices between the size range from 3.5 inches to 10.5 inches.
  • It has an adjustable holder that can be rotated up to 270 degrees.
  • Thicker aluminum material is used for better built-up quality.


  • Falls under the expensive price range.

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3. LISEN Cell Phone Stand

LISEN Cell Phone StandLISEN is known for its unique product design and for providing multi-purpose stands majorly suitable for tables & cars.

Number three on our list we have LISEN Cell Phone Stand, a product with an ergonomic design and equally capable of holding smartphones. This product has two adjusting parts that allow a comfortable hands-free experience. The manufacturer has also taken care of quality terms by using aluminum & silicon for the stable & tough built-up body. It also has a thin rubber coating at the base and inside the holder to have a proper grip for strong mounting and holding.

This tall cell phone stand is not only capable of adjusting the holder up to 85 degrees but also it has an aluminum alloy tall rod that can help the user to adjust the unit at the proper height of up to 8.5 inches to get a comfortable feel without hurting the neck. LISEN Cell Phone Stand has a slightly larger holder size that can hold a cell phone device even with a size of 10 inches.

This device comes with 365 days of customer support which means if you receive a damaged unit or even if the screw cannot be tightened, the user can directly contact the LISEN support team.


  • Ergonomic design manufactured with high-quality materials like aluminum & silicon.
  • Comes with adjustable rod & holder for better user experience
  • 365-day customer support to ensure customer best shopping experience.


  • Expensive compared to other cell phone stands.

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4. UGREEN Cell Phone Stand

UGREEN Cell Phone StandUGREEN is widely known for its electronic accessories products such as chargers, charging cables, cell phone stands, etc. A brand with a high potential list of products.

UGREEN Cell Phone Stand comes with a compact & unique design which automatically makes it a travel-friendly tool. It can be easily stored in your backpack. It has an easily foldable structure that allows the unit to form a triangular shape which eventually makes it mount firmly on the surface. Be it an office, home desk, or even if you are traveling this product can help you to get a hands-free experience whenever & wherever you want.

The triangular structure also allows the user to adjust the angle of the unit from 0 to 100 degrees to get the best viewing angle. It also comes with an auto-locking mechanism that makes the complete mounting process smooth & effortless for the user. UGREEN Cell Phone Stand uses an upgraded strip mat for the base surface & at the cradle to achieve the anti-slip & anti-scratch quality.


  • Easily foldable design for a simple & smooth process.
  • Triangular structure for stable and steady mounting.
  • Compact and comfortable design for travel-friendly use.


  • No accessibility space for charging cables to connect the device.

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5. Nulaxy Cell Phone Stand

Nulaxy Cell Phone StandA brand with unexampled designs and a variety of products in the field device holder stands. Nulaxy has always managed to cope with technology even with basic products.

Nulaxy Phone Stand comes with dual adjusting properties which allows the user to adjust the cradle as per their needs to gain a complete hand-free experience with their device. This dual-foldable stand can be used for smartphones with a size range of 4 to 10 inches which is quite good, and has a stable base design that allows sturdy mounting. It eventually reduces the stress of the user about tripping or tipping over.

By using high-quality premium aluminum as a material for manufacturing the product the brand has kept its stance of sturdiness & protectiveness. It has an advanced rubber coating to keep your device safe from slipping out of the holder or getting scratched from it. Users can place their cell phones in landscape or portrait mode to achieve the best viewing experience along with stability. It has extra large hook width as compared to other cell phone stands (i.e 19mm) because of which the user does not have to remove their cell phone cover in order to access the cell phone stand.


  • Dual adjustable device for extra comfort and easy access.
  • Extra hook width of 19mm allows the user to access it directly without removing the case cover.
  • Balance designed for high stability & protectiveness of the device.


  • Complicated design and requires more attention in terms of handling

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6. Doboli Cell Phone Stand

Doboli Cell Phone StandDoboli has a major contribution in the field of cases and stands for cell phones and other accessories like headphones with a commitment to quality.

Doboli Cell Phone Stand is specially designed for office and home desks. This cell phone stand comes with a huge hook that can hold devices from the size range from 4 to 12 inches. It is available in two attractive colors i.e rose gold pink and black. The design and color combination makes the device super attractive for any viewer. Along with that, it has a really user-friendly installation process with no complications.

This is an adjustable stand that can be adjusted between 0 to 45 degrees and the height of the stand can also be changed as per the user’s comfort needs. It has a great sturdy base which allows this stand to mount firmly without worry about wobbling. It has a dedicated charging hole that automatically makes it convenient for users to charge their cell phones even while using the cell phone stand. The device has a stable anti-slip quality and is made up of an aluminum alloy rod.


  • Easy installation process.
  • User-friendly design for a better experience
  • The dual adjustable stand allows the user to change the angle and height of the stand.


  • Needs extra precautions while handling due to extra large height.

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7. COOLOO Cell Phone Stand

COOLOO Cell Phone StandCOOLOO is a brand famous in the market for its products in multi-industry type. Be it outdoor activity or indoor it has covered you all.

COOLOO 2Pack Phone Holder for Desk a multi-angle adjustable cell phone stand for a pure hands-free experience. This pocket-friendly stand has a compact and foldable design. This mini-size stand has a body weight of 2.1 ounces and a dimension measurement of 7.87 x 5.51 x 0.79 inches. Still, it can easily manage to hold the device with a size even up to 12 inches with a weight of 11 pounds.

It has a double nonslip design for better grip which is obtained by adding considerate rubber pads to the bottom and inside of the stand. These thick rubber pads help the device holds the cell phone firmly and not slide. The order comes in a pack of two units at a price of one.


  • Compact and foldable design for multi-purpose use.
  • Non-slip & considerate rubber pads enhance the mounting and holding quality.
  • Adjustable angle from 0 to 120 degrees.


  • No dedicated slots to connect charging cables while using.

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8. JIUCAIE Cell Phone Stand

JIUCAIE Cell Phone StandJIUCAIE might have fewer numbers in a variety of products but do have a dedication in terms of quality. A brand making a huge impact in the mobile accessories market with its products and beliefs.

JIUCAIE 2Pack Cell Phone Stand comes in a pack of two, as mentioned in the name. This dual-foldable stand has great durability and built-up quality due to its premium sturdy aluminum metal material. This dual foldable stand actually allows users to fold it in different parts for easy and accessible operation. It can be adjusted up to 180 degrees for a better viewing experience. It also has a dedicated space gap right at the center of the device, allowing users to connect their charging cable to the cellphone to charge even while using it.

With its premium sturdy aluminum metal material it does also have rubber pads at the bottom and inside of the stand which creates a great amount of resistance and provides a tight grip to cell phones. This reduces the risk of cell phones slipping out from the stand and getting damaged. The same pads placed at the bottom also help to get a stable & firm mounting of the device.


  • The high-quality material is used for better working.
  • Rubber pads used at the bottom make the product non-skid.
  • Balance designed for better mounting.


  • Not compatible with traveling purposes.

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Buying guide for the Best Cell Phone Stand

While buying a cell phone stand there are various factors that are considered, but instead of making the process more complicated let’s get to those points which are well sufficient for any new buyer. This will cover all the major aspects and help you understand your needs.

1. Compatibility

For a cell phone stand, compatibility is a term dedicatedly used for highlighting the holder’s dimensions. It allows users to understand if the cell phone stand can actually hold the device or not. There are various size range products you can find in the market. The most common dimensions are 4 to 8 inches.

2. Adjusting Angles

To experience a real hands-free experience one must check if the cell phone stand has the option of adjusting angles or not. If yes then one must look for the highest limit of the angle which is always mentioned in degrees. It allows you to rotate or adjust the holder as per your comfort.

3. Material

Material is always considered the most important factor for cell phone stands and any other product. Most cell phone stands are made of Aluminum and silicon but a few also use rubber pads to ensure a tight grip and less sliding chances of cell phones. It is better to check the material used for a clear understanding.

4. Portability

Many cell phone stands are portable and can be easily carried for travel or any other purpose. But it completely depends on the design and how convenient the product is. As there are cell phone stand present in the market which are completely non-portable and come in fixed firm design. Based on different needs and requirements, one should check the portability of the device.

5. Mounting Type

Mounting type is one of the most important factors for cell phone stands. To get a device with proper sturdiness and grip one should check if the base of the stand has a properly balanced design or not, along with the required material support. Having a rubber pad at the bottom of the stand gives a great advantage in maintaining the firmness of the stand.

6. Warranty

It is definitely a major point before purchasing any device. It just does not ensure the product can be replaced or repaired if damaged but it also defines the confidence of the company. In the same manner, cell phone stands also come with a sort of warranty that can be availed by directly contacting the brand via email. Not every brand or every product has a warranty. It is always good to learn about it before purchasing.

Cell Phone Stand – FAQs

1. Can I charge my phone while it is on the stand?

Ans: It completely depends on the design of the stand and the type of use you have. Many cell phone stands do provide a dedicated hole for charging cables if used in portrait mode. But if they don’t then the device can be charged but has to be used in landscape mode

2. How do I adjust the angle of the phone on the stand?

Ans: Every cell phone stand has a holder where the cell phone is placed. Many cell phone stands with fixed holders cannot be adjusted, but few do allow it. The angle can be adjusted by rotating it in an upward direction as per the limitation provided by the manufacturer as every model has different settings which allow different limits.

3. Can a cellphone stand be used with a tablet or e-reader?

Ans: Yes, if you purchase a cell phone stand with large dimensions and high portability then you can easily use it, but it depends on the design dimension and type of the cell phone stand. Checking for all these terms before purchasing any cell phone stand is always suggested.

4. How do I choose the right size of a cellphone stand for my phone?

Ans: First, try to find out the actual size of your cell phone. Which is easily available on your cell phone box. Once you have learned the size of your cell phone it is quite an easy task. Generally, cell phone stands have a size range of holding cell phones from 4 to 8 inches. If it falls under the range then it’s good to go if not there are some other options available in the market with a larger size range


Buying a cell phone stand can be a tough job if you are confused and don’t know which one to buy.

  • Well if you are looking for a fixed cell phone stand with high portability and more adjusting angles, you should go with the LISEN Cell Phone Stand. It comes with a taller rod to adjust the height of the holder as per your needs. And it also has an adjustable holder, which allows you to rotate it up to 85 degrees.

  • But if we are looking for a budget-friendly cell phone stand, one should consider Nulaxy Cell Phone Stand. It comes with dual folding and completely adjustable properties. It is easily portable and can be stored safely with its dual fold for any travel use. It allows the user to adjust the holder up to 270 degrees which are comparatively too high than other cell phone stands. This product allows users to have a completely flexible hands-free experience

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