TESMEN TM-510 Smart Digital Multimeter Review

Test and measurement devices such as multimeters are very useful and rather important tools for electricians, electronics professionals, and engineers.They spend a good amount of money on high quality meters. But what if you are a DIYer who like to tinker with microcontrollers (Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, etc.) and build small and fun gadgets or projects? You don’t want to spend a fortune on a multimeter when there are several budget-friendly options out there.

We recently got our hands on the TESMEN TM-510 Smart Digital Multimeter. It is a compact little unit that can automatically switch between measuring voltage, resistance, and continuity without any input from the user. Additionally, it also has a very useful NCV or Non-Contact Voltage detection feature. Whether you are an absolute beginner to electronics or a curious person who wants to measure voltage of batteries or an AC outlet, then a simple multimeter such as the TM-510 make a lot of sense.

This is the review of the TESMEN TM-501 Smart Digital Multimeter. We are writing this review after using and testing the device thoroughly for its ease of use, capabilities of the multimeter, NCV feature, and overall performance. Read along to find out more about our thoughts and impressions of the same.

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