Do Electric Fireplaces Give off Heat?

Anyone looking to install an electric fireplace in their home has one common question: do electric fireplaces give off heat? The main motive behind installing electric fireplaces is to make one’s home warm for protection against the cold weather outside. Many people might not go through the hassle of installing an electric place. It’s because the time and cost might not be worth it.

Such people are known to prefer electric heaters instead of such fancy choices. However, by installing an electric fireplace, your home can get a magnificent look. This can mesmerize your guests and the feeling inside the living room.

How Does an Electric Fireplace Work?

People hearing about electric fireplaces for the first time might wonder how they can operate compared to traditional fireplaces. When it comes to a traditional fireplace generates heat from wood placed in it to burn. However, electric fireplaces work slightly differently. It’s due to the heat being produced inside the cabin. However, powerful fans are placed outside to emit heat throughout the room.

Most electric fireplaces even have a picture of traditional fireplaces. They are displayed outside to provide the same feeling as an original one in the room. But, in electric fireplaces, no fire is involved as all the work is done through electrical heating.

There is a heating coil inside an electric heater which is responsible for producing all the heat as per the owner’s requirement. You can even regulate the heat produced by an electric fireplace as thermostats and temperature regulators are inside it.

What are the Types of Electric Fireplaces?

There are four main types of electric fireplaces that you can either install in your home as per your choice.

1. Mantel Electric Fireplace

The first one on our list is the electric mantel fireplace. Basically, it’s known to be the standard category people prefer to install if they are looking for a natural ambience. If you want to invest less time installing an electric fireplace, choosing the mantel could be the right option as it only contains a mantel and fireplace as equipolwer

Suppose you want to place your electric fireplace on top of a wall. In that case, the wall-mounted electric fireplace could be an ideal choice, as you can easily mount it on top of your wall using the required equipment. However, you need to ensure that it stays in its place for as long as it is functional.

3. Inserting Electric Fireplace

Do you already have a fireplace at your home? Then opting for inserting an electric fireplace could be your best option. It’s because it can convert your traditional fireplace into an electric one. When choosing an inserted electric fireplace, you can retain all the benefits of your existing fireplace, like its unique look, while it is powered electrically.

4. Freestanding Electric Fireplace Heater

A freestanding electric fireplace is nothing but a space heater that will give you the feeling of a fireplace. If you choose this type of fireplace, you will benefit from moving it around from one place to another. It’s as per your place of stay. This is a common option among those people who are not looking to spend much money on installing an electric heater.

Do Electric Fireplaces Give off Heat?

The electric fireplace does not give off heat to the outside. It’s because all the heat gets generated behind the glass while it comes out later from the attached fans. If you go near an electric fireplace, you won’t feel the heat as the flames produced in it aren’t real.

Only the heating element inside an electric heater would be charged, as the real fireplace would remain the same. However, while choosing to install an electric fireplace, you need to ensure that the place where you are looking to place has a good source of ventilation present.

Because if such a thing isn’t done carefully, the cold air sucked inside by the fans wouldn’t be replaced with hot air, and the whole process would immediately halt. Moreover, please ensure that there are no curtains in and around an electric fireplace as it could block the transfer of air and later on make it a potential fire hazard.

How Does an Electric Fireplace Give off Heat?

The process behind heating an electric fireplace intrigues many people looking to install one in their homes for the first time. An electric fireplace has a heating element placed inside it. This is responsible for producing all the heating without giving off real flames. The electric fireplace works similarly to an electric space heater as both use a heating element to warm the environment where they are present.

The generated heat is given out to the outside using the attached ventilator fans. On the other hand, infrared fireplaces are considered the closest heat producer of an electric fireplace. A heating coil doesn’t exist inside an infrared fireplace like in the usual fireplaces. It directly chooses to warm the people and objects in the room.

There are many advantages to using an infrared fireplace. You wouldn’t have to wait for it to produce heat like an electric fireplace. But an infrared one is a little expensive compared to an electric fireplace. It’s due to the technique it uses to provide heat for the people near it.

How Much Heat Does an Electric Fireplace Produce?

Whenever someone chooses to purchase an electric fireplace, one of the most common questions that come to their mind is the amount of heat produced by an electric heater. If the heat from an electric heater is not satisfactory, then the chances of your room staying warm and hot would be less. However, due to the mechanism behind an electric fireplace, it is considered an ideal option compared to traditional ones.

The extra heat it produces isn’t released to the outside world from the chimneys. But, in the case of an electric heater, you wouldn’t have to worry about energy loss as it is 100% energy efficient. Unlike a traditional fireplace, you can control the heat produced inside an electric fireplace as thermostats and timers are installed.

Suppose you want to learn about the exact number behind the heat produced by an electric heater, then it ranges from 0.7 to 2KW. There are many different scenarios that you can try out using an electric heater, like switching off the heating element present inside of it to enjoy just the display projected on it. Even 1-2KW produces 4,000 to 4,500 BTUs per hour in an electric heater.

The electric heater you choose to install in your home depends on the space or room. It also depends on where you want to place it. The length of your room and the power of an electric heater determine if it can effectively heat your room from start to finish. If you are looking for an electric heater by measuring its heating capabilities, the 2KW one could be your ideal choice. It can heat almost every length of your house in no time.

Is the Flame in the Electric Fireplace Real?

An electric fireplace could be highly realistic for everyone who installs one. However, the fire you see is not absolute. It is just a projection to allow the people outside to feel a fireplace. This uses firewood to give off heat. Every bit of fire you see is just an illusion made by your electric fireplace as it is part of their total mechanism.

Advanced technology creates the 3D effect of flames that occasionally change their color, appearance, and flickering. A LED light is present inside an electric heater. It projects its energy into a spinning refractor to produce the 3D flames you see on the outside. Some electric fireplaces recreate the whooshing sound made by a traditional one through specific sound mechanisms inside it.

In conclusion, no actual flame is involved with an electric fireplace. Everything is done through a heating coil or any other heating element. As someone getting an electric fireplace for the first time, you can enjoy all the benefits of a traditional one. It could be done while spending less energy trying to maintain the fire by replacing the fire routinely.


An electric fireplace might be an ideal choice for you in today’s market, where everything is getting innovated to make it easier for everyone looking to enjoy one for themselves. Suppose you were looking for something similar to a traditional fireplace. In that case, an electric fireplace is considered ideal. It contains all the benefits by ensuring the elimination of extra energy produced through it.

Sometimes a traditional fireplace can dirty its surrounding area from all the burned wood to create the heat needed. After reading this article, you now understand everything related to an electric fireplace and all the unanswered questions you had in your mind.

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