Top 6 Best Motorcycle Ear Plugs of 2023

“Riding a motorcycle regularly will have a negative impact on your hearing. Instead, invest in one of these high-quality earplugs to safeguard the ears by blocking out unwanted noises and engine sounds”

Experiencing different kinds of noises while riding a motorcycle might result in temporary and permanent hearing loss. It is a known fact that hearing damage can significantly affect both mental and emotional well-being, which results in frustration, anxiety, and depression. So, the use of earplugs will protect the hearing and enjoy a safer riding experience.  

As a motorcycle rider, it is essential to have the right gear for a safe and comfortable ride, and one such crucial gear is ear plugs. These ear plugs offer great protection against wind noise that damages hearing and causes fatigue during long rides. However, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends that noise exposure of more than 100 dB is safe for only 15 minutes, after that, it results in experiencing ringing or discomfort/fatigue in the ears, especially after long rides.

These earplugs come in a wide variety of styles and designs, offering top features like noise reduction, durability, and comfort. To help you make an informed purchase decision, we have compiled a comprehensive “Buying Guide” that provides valuable insights along with some of the top Motorcycle Ear Plug recommendations to pick the perfect pair of earplugs to protect your hearing while enjoying motorcycle adventures.

6 Best Motorcycle Ear Plugs List

6 Best Motorcycle Ear Plugs Reviews

Here are our handpicked motorcycle ear plugs reviews that help you find the perfect pair of earplugs for your requirement.

1. Eargasm Motorcycle Ear Plugs

Eargasm Motorcycle Ear Plugs

The first product on our list is from Eargasm, and their high-fidelity versatile earplugs are perfect for musicians, motorcycle riders, drummers, sports enthusiasts, concert-goers, or those seeking tinnitus relief, sleeping, or noise sensitivity. The discreet gold edition design of these earplugs not only looks aesthetically pleasing and invisible but also offers protection to your ears against harmful noises. 

Featuring special filters, these earplugs protect your hearing by reducing harmful noise levels in loud environments while still letting you hear the surroundings at low volume. They provide up to 21 dB of noise reduction (NRR 16 dB) to minimize the risk of anxiety, tinnitus, and hearing loss and thereby ensure safe listening (horns, music, or conversations).

Also, they preserve sound quality and clarity by reproducing the audio exactly as your ear perceive it, yet at a sensible volume. It comes with a dual pair of earplug shells in different sizes, made of soft and flexible hypoallergenic silicone material that securely fits on normal to large-sized ears.

Conveniently packed in a sturdy metal case with a waterproof rubber seal, these earplugs offer safe and secure storage, protecting from dust, debris, and moisture. Also, it let you carry them around easily. Regardless of the purpose you’re using these Hi-Fi earplugs, they allow you to effortlessly lower the volume.

User Feedback – The users were highly impressed with this product, praising its superior noise protection, durability, comfortable fit, dual earplug sizes, and waterproof outer case. These features will make these earplugs an essential gear to protect the ears from loud sounds, while still enjoying the great music quality. However, one drawback is noted – these are less effective to use in concerts, as the sound gets muffled or muted.

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2. Alpine Motorcycle Ear Plugs

Alpine Motorcycle Ear Plugs


Next on our list, we reviewed MotoSafe Race from Alpine, a top-notch choice for riders seeking high-quality earplugs for motorway riding or circuit racing with an open helmet. It is designed with innovative AlpineAcoustic Filters that offer noise reduction of up to 20 dB (SNR) to protect hearing by reducing wind & ambient noises, while still allowing clear audibility of music, surrounding traffic, intercom, and navigation system.

With MotoSafe Race earplugs, you don’t have to compromise your hearing for an enjoyable ride. Manage the sound levels and reduce fatigue by minimizing the level of damaging noise entering the ear. Crafted from a soft, flexible, hypoallergenic, silicone-free material, these earplugs can be adjusted for a perfect and secure fit and ensures optimum comfortable wearing.

Unlike foam or hard plastic alternatives, these ultra-soft earplugs can be inserted or removed effortlessly from your ears each time. Furthermore, they are reusable that provide comfortable wear more than 100 times. They are equipped with a unique acoustic filter that not only protects the ears from loud noises but also lets you still hear conversations, sirens, or music at a comfortable level. Also, it comes with a soft storage pouch that can be attached to the keyring and is portable.

User Feedback – Overall, the users highly recommended the Alpine MotoSafe Race Motorcycle Ear Plugs for fast riders for their innovative features, impressive sound quality, and comfortable design. However, some users are disappointed regarding the effectiveness of noise reduction in this price range.

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3. EARPEACE Motorcycle Ear Plugs

EARPEACE Motorcycle Ear Plugs

The EARPEACE works on a mission to enhance the riding experience of its users by protecting their hearing against noise-induced hearing loss. From the concert to racing, bike rallies, or motorcycle rides, these cutting-edge EARPEACE earplugs offer unmatched noise cancellation of up to 26 dB, allowing you to safeguard your ears’ hearing even in loud environments.

Crafted with the utmost care, these ultra-soft Moto motorcycle earplugs offer patented protection to ensure the user enjoys the thrill of the ride peacefully. So, it’s time to upgrade your gear and ride with this EARPEACE Moto to prevent discomfort, damage, or distraction from hearing dangerous wind noise and engine sounds, regardless of your riding speed.

The included neck strap allows for easy storage while not using. The soft, flexible, hypoallergenic, and reusable earplugs will fit seamlessly with an optimal seal under any motorcycle helmet and thereby offer superior comfort, even during extended periods of wear. With the advanced filter technology, you can expect clear and undistorted communication by blocking harmful wind and other ambient noises. Experience riding adventures with these earplugs with the utmost clarity and safety, thanks to its 3 sets of interchangeable filters.

User Feedback – While users found the EARPEACE Moto – Motorcycle Ear Plugs to be comfortable and provide superior sound quality, and be easy to insert/remove. However, we suggest that the product should deliver better noise-blocking capabilities at this price range.

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4. Softvox Motorcycle Ear Plugs

Softvox Motorcycle Ear Plugs

If you are searching for 100% reusable earplugs? Then look no further, pick these Softvox motorcycle earplugs. This pair of hearing protection earplugs are crafted from hypoallergenic soft silicone, ensuring a comfortable fit and great sound experience, even during prolonged use. They are designed to enhance the overall biking experience by blocking unwanted noise and offer the ultimate protection for the ears with their dual pairs (SNR- 20dB and 25dB). 

The advanced filter technology allows some unobstructed sound to enter the ears, enabling them to hear the engine sound, traffic, navigation, and conversations under the helmet and thereby offer comfortable riding. With proper maintenance, you can use these earplugs for more than a year. So, invest in this best sound-proof solution for the next adventure with the Softvox Motorcycle Hi-Fi earplugs.

Minimize the wind noise and other harmful noises when riding the motorcycle and experience crystal clear sound at highway speeds. Whether you are a professional rider or an excited beginner, these premium earplugs (ultra-low profile and discreet design) will fit securely and comfortably under the helmet. These are washable, durable, reusable, safe, and effective earplugs that protect your ears.

They offer superior protection against loud engines, wind noises, and general chatter, making them ideal for motorcycle racing, shooting, touring, riding, or parachuting. Furthermore, they contain multi-layered filters that reduce noise to safe levels while letting you hear the conversations clearly with others.

User Feedback – Consumers who have purchased the Softvox Motorcycle Ear Plugs were impressed with its comfortable design, wind noise reduction, Hi-Fi sound quality, easy-to-carry aluminum case, and reusability. However, they have reported that the earplugs have some design flaws over time, especially in the fitting.

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5. Etymotic Motorcycle Ear plugs

Etymotic Motorcycle Ear plugs


The next product on our list of the best motorcycle earplugs is Etymotic Research ER20XS. This latest innovation earplugs are compact form factor makes it a perfect option for audiophiles and music lovers for concerts, sporting events, traveling, or motorcycle riding to prevent hearing damage.

The stem-less design will fit perfectly and securely in the ear, allowing you to wear them comfortably even under the helmets, hats, or other headgear. The interchangeable and reusable silicone tips with their low-profile design will ensure a subtle and won’t protrude. Experience superior sound fidelity and crisp, powerful audio reproduction with these high-performance earplugs.

The small, flexible pull tab will allow for easy installation and removal of the neck cord to enjoy superior comfort and convenience. While the carrying case will offer excellent portability. They offer perfect fitting for the ears to let you experience maximum comfort and sound quality without any muddiness or distortion. Thanks to its 20dB noise reduction filters, these earplugs offer excellent sound quality and clarity while hearing by blocking unwanted wind and other noises. 

User Feedback – There has been overwhelming positive feedback on its excellent noise reduction, comfortable wear, and great sound quality. However, some users have experienced issues with the build quality, and they might not be a good option for concert settings.

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6. EarDial Motorcycle Ear Plugs

EarDial Motorcycle Ear Plugs

The final product on our list is from EarDial. Their invisible Hi-Fi hearing protection earplugs deliver unparalleled sound quality and block out unwanted and harmful noises with their innovative 36 dB noise filters.

Immerse in the enhanced music and experience clear sound in any loud environment to enjoy your favorite tunes, audiobooks, and podcasts and protect your hearing without compromising on sound clarity and quality. With its patented filter technology, these earplugs are designed to block out harmful noises, while preserving the natural acoustic qualities of the music, thanks to its precise noise filtration.

These earplugs’ low-profile and discreet design ensures maximum comfort, even during long listening sessions. The small and lighter earplugs won’t interfere with the hairstyle, making it a perfect option for concerts, parties, or daily usage to enjoy a true audio experience.

The unique proprietary filter retains the original frequency spectrum, reducing sound levels across the entire frequency range. Made with a soft, hypoallergenic silicone surface, the earplugs offer a secure fit and maximum comfort that allows for extended wear without applying pressure on the ears.

The two different-sized interchangeable ear tips and the included aluminum case will offer a portability that lets you store and carry them around easily. Another great feature of these earplugs is that it has a companion mobile app to know/monitor the surrounding sound pressure level and track your exposure duration at that level.

User Feedback – This pair of motorcycle earplugs provide exceptional sound quality with its great noise cancellation, low-profile design, and companion mobile app. However, some users have reported that these earplugs might stuck in the ear if left for an extended period due to their small sizing.

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Buying Guide to Select the Best Motorcycle Earplugs

Selecting the ideal earplugs from numerous options has become a daunting task. Furthermore, everyone has their own unique needs and preferences, making the decision-making process a bit further complicated. To simplify your selection and help you find the best earplugs, we came up with the key factors that have to be considered while shopping for motorcycle earplugs.

Let’s get into its details…

1. Noise Reduction Rating (NRR):

The NRR measures how much noise gets reduced upon wearing these ear plugs. A higher NRR rating represents a higher level of noise reduction and thereby protects the hearing from wind noise and other loud sounds. So, ensure to select the ear plugs with a noise reduction rating of 20 dB or higher. Yet remember that the earplugs shouldn’t block out all noises like traffic and prefer earplugs that reduce the noise exposure to 75 or 85 decibels, meaning they should block around 20 – 35 dB of noise to use while riding the motorcycle.

2. Fit and Comfort:

Wearing uncomfortable earplugs will distract and cause discomfort during long rides. Therefore, it is essential to pick earplugs made of soft, hypoallergenic materials offering a secure fit and comfortable wear, even for long drives without causing any irritation in sensitive ears or on pressure points. Prefer reusable foam ones or custom molded options if you’re using it for the first time for a secure fit and comfortable ride.

3. Durability & Construction Material:

The ear plugs you choose to use for motorcycle riding should withstand the elements like rain, wind, and sweat. Choose ear plugs made of high-quality materials to sustain regular wear and are quite easy to clean or maintain.

Silicone and foam are two common materials used for earplugs – some people prefer affordable and semi-disposable foam earplugs for comfort, while others choose long-lasting, hypo-allergenic yet expensive silicone plugs for a secure seal around the ears. Ensure to choose the material that works best and is comfortable for you.

4. Compatibility with Helmets:

Most ear plugs are designed specially to be worn with a helmet. While some other models might not fit comfortably, making them incompatible with helmets. So, look for earplugs having a low profile and don’t interfere with the helmet’s fit.

5. Ease of Use:

Earplugs should be easy to insert and remove whenever essential, especially while taking them out quickly in an emergency. Look for ear plugs with a simple design that can be inserted and removed easily with a single hand.

6. Filters:

Is the filter for general use or specific to motorcycling? They allow you to hear low-frequency noises like engine sounds, conversations, horns, or sirens yet effectively block harmful wind noise. The filters offer noise-canceling abilities that lower harmful sounds (up to some decibels) and protect your ears and make you enjoy the ride. Some models offer replaceable and upgradable filters, while others will not. So, you can prefer to choose earplugs with filters to hear the important things.

7. Wind Noise:

Most people think that a helmet covers the ears and offers sufficient protection from the wind. Even though not wearing a helmet will worsen the noise damage, wearing a full-face helmet doesn’t protect the ear in every case from wind noise.

The turbulent flow of air around the helmet creates wind noise, even while riding the bike with a moderate speed of 50 miles per hour causing 110 decibels (same as the noise caused by the chainsaw). This wind noise will cause fatigue in the short term and hearing damage in the long term. In general, the 85dB is only required to cause permanent hearing loss. So, use these earplugs to prevent this wind noise and hearing loss.

8. Temporary Threshold Shift (TTS):

Temporary Threshold Shift (TTS) is a temporary hearing loss that is caused due to noise exposure. For instance, the hearing loss you might experience after leaving a concert or noisy nightclub, and the same as after a ride. However, a single instance of TTS gets cleared within a few hours, whereas repeated instances might lead to permanent hearing loss. So, the use of earplugs will reduce the noise damage caused by motorcycle riding. These inexpensive earplugs are available in a variety of designs, styles, and sizes. All you need is to find out the best-suited and fitted option that works well for your requirement.

9. Price:

The price of these motorcycle ear plugs will range from $15 – $200, which varies based on the features, types, and warranty. We suggest you set the budget range and choose the best value-for-money option with all the essential features, ensuring reliability, affordability, durability, and longevity that come within your budget range.

10. Types:

There are three different types of earplugs available for motorcyclists – disposable foam, reusable silicone, and custom molded.

a) Foam Motorcycle Ear Plugs – The cheapest option among all those types of earplugs, in which the average cost per unit is 20 cents. The functionality is another great advantage of this type where they expand inside the ear canal slowly and thereby create a perfect seal. They block all incoming noises, even unable to hear some traffic sounds (sirens or horns), making it not an ideal option for motorcycle riding.

b) Custom Molded Motorcycle Ear Plugs – As the name suggests, the custom molded motorcycle ear plugs fit easily to the exact shape of the user’s ear, making it the most advanced and expensive type of ear plug (up to $100). They are made from a re-moldable material and come with or without filters. These earplugs are used for military shooting practices, yet not a good option for motorcycle riding. They are easy to maintain and some come with integrated earphones connected to a 3.5 mm jack.

c) Silicone Motorcycle Ear Plugs – This type of earplug offers all-around hearing protection for motorcycle riding. They are highly durable, comfortable to wear, and washable. Also, you can reuse them several times due to their hypoallergenic properties without any risk of ear infection. They fit well inside the helmet and are designed for long rides. With its innovative filtering technology, they block low frequencies and allow high-pitched sounds, making it an essential feature for riding in heavy traffic and listening to GPS navigation instructions.

d) Reusable Motorcycle Ear plugs – Look like a bottle stopper, these rubber earplugs are reusable that are preferred by people who do not wear a helmet. Mostly, it is a bit uncomfortable, as they apply pressure to the ear canal and push outwards.

e) Disposable Motorcycle Ear plugs – The most common and preferred option, especially for those who are first-time users. These are cheaper and non-reusable, yet some people prefer it might cause ear infections but it is a myth for most people.

Though there are no best earplugs, different plugs work well in different ways for different people. So, we suggest you try to check and choose the best option that suits your requirement. 

11. Noise Fatigue Reduction:

Wearing a pair of earplugs will help to reduce fatigue, especially in the case of riding the motorcycle for several hours which causes exhaustion due to the constant noise exposure. However, the human brain withstands short-term noise exposure and if the noise reaches a certain threshold, then they become tired. So, instead of eliminating all those noise sources, you can simply wear motorcycle earplugs to get rid of this issue.

Motorcycle Ear Plugs FAQs-

1. What makes the motorcycle ear plug the best option?

Ans: The motorcycle ear plugs you choose should offer adequate noise reduction, be comfortable to wear even for extended use, and be durable to withstand the elements.

2. How much noise reduction should we expect from the motorcycle ear plug?

Ans: Motorcycle ear plugs offer at least 20 decibels (dB) of noise reduction to protect the hearing from wind noise and other loud sounds.

3. Shall we wear motorcycle earplugs with a helmet?

Ans: Yes, most earplugs are designed to be worn with a helmet. So, ensure to look for ear plugs with a low profile and comfortable wear for extended periods.

4. Does the custom-fit ear plugs worth the extra cost?

Ans: Custom-fit earplugs are expensive, yet it offers a better and more secure fit for the ears. This results in improved comfort and noise reduction. Finally, custom-fit earplugs make it worth the investment, especially when you ride frequently.

5. How often do we have to replace these earplugs?

Ans: It is suggested to replace the motorcycle earplugs after some months till you find the signs of regular wear. Ensure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and take proper care and maintenance of the earplugs for their longevity.

6. Will these motorcycle earplugs prevent hearing horns or sirens?

Ans: Usually, the foam earplugs will reduce the sound more effectively, including the traffic sounds like horns or sirens. So, prefer to use earplugs with filters that are designed specifically to reduce only the high-pitched noises and thereby allow you to hear the important traffic sounds.

7. Why do we need to invest in these motorcycle earplugs?

Ans: Tinnitus (hearing a ringing sound in the ears) is a common problem experienced by people who ride a lot. Also, the wind inside the helmet causes some harm to your ears, even when you are driving at low speeds. The normal human hearing will be up to 85 decibels, and anything beyond this range can cause hearing damage. So, to prevent this issue and protect your ears while riding on the road, you need to invest in one of the most comfortable and secure-fit earplugs.

The earplugs allow you to ride safely by offering the ultimate protection to your ears. Also, these let you stay focused and alert by making you hear everything on the road (lessening the sound reduction by up to 18 dB). The wind noise is quite awful to listen to and harmful to the ears, even the use of most insulated helmets will let in the wind noise. So, that’s why we need to purchase the best motorcycle ear plugs.


Protect your ears from permanent hearing damage by wearing earplugs while riding a motorcycle to prevent any potential risks, especially during long rides. We hope the above product descriptions and buying guide will help you make a wise buying decision. Based on them, we have shortlisted these top recommendations that help you with a quick and easy selection.

  • If looking for the Best Overall option, then pick Eargasm Motorcycle Ear Plugs, which are ideal for concerts, musicians, and motorcycle riders with a noise reduction of up to 21 dB that reduces noise-induced tinnitus, anxiety, and hearing loss. It has a dual pair of silicone earplug shells and comes in a waterproof aluminum case.

  • If seeking the Best Budget Friendly option, go with Etymotic Motorcycle Ear Plugs. They block entering unwanted noises into the ears. The silicone earplugs are comfortable to wear for a long time and provide a 20 dB noise reduction rating.

  • If looking for the Most Comfortable and Easy to Use Earplugs, then prefer these Alpine Motorcycle Ear Plugs. These ultra-soft earplugs are quite comfortable to wear, secure fitting, and offer safe protection, even for longer rides without any irritation. Also, these can be reusable more than 100 times.

If you have any queries or thoughts regarding these motorcycle earplugs, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below. We will respond promptly to resolve your queries.

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