Laptop Has No Ethernet Port? How to Connect to the Internet

Once, a laptop with an Ethernet port was a coveted item for anyone who always wanted to be connected to the internet. But recently, most people have switched to Wi-Fi connectivity instead of Ethernet.

Besides that, as most laptops are now thinner and lighter to accommodate the users; many devices no longer have an Ethernet port. But do you really need an Ethernet port? Is it really necessary? If so, what to do when the laptop model lacks an Ethernet port? Let’s find the answers together with this article!

Why My Laptop Has No Ethernet Port?

Ethernet portProbably it is the latest trend. Modem users now demand convertible, thinner, lightweight hybrid laptops that can be used as touchscreen pads. Hence, designers must often discard some ports to accommodate the new hybrid design.

Ditching the Ethernet port often helps cut manufacturing costs and makes the laptops lighter and thinner. Additionally, you may transform the laptop into an extended screen with a computer.

His trend is more common with smaller laptops of 13 to 14 inches, which can be converted into a touchpad. But, even standard-size laptops may also not come with an Ethernet port.

Another trend is the popularity of the Wi-Fi network. As you already know, most of you now prefer to connect to any Wi-Fi network to use the internet.

What To Do When There is No Ethernet Port?

You do not need to worry if your laptop has no Ethernet ports. There are other ways to get Ethernet facility like-

1. Use a USB to Ethernet Adapter

USB Ethernet adapters are specially designed adapters you need to connect to your laptop. The other end will have compatible ports with the Ethernet cable. You can find most of these cable adapters from an online store or a nearby appliance store at $10-$30.

2. Opt for a USB – C or Thunderbolt Dock with an Ethernet Port

USB ports are very few in many laptop models, especially the thinner ones. Most designers have switched to USB C-type ports only. In this case, you must use a Thunderbolt dock or USB C cable. The dock allows you to expand the port limitation and get multiple ports. First, connect the dock to your laptop. It will have multiple parts, including an Ethernet port. You can connect your Ethernet cable to that port and get Ethernet service.

If your laptop has a USB 3.0 or faster C-type port, you can get Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4 doc that is more compatible with your device.

How Do You Connect to Ethernet Without an Ethernet Port?

Here is the method of connecting your laptop with Ethernet even if there is no dedicated Ethernet port-

1. Purchase USB Adapter

You can find any USB adapted online or offline. Otherwise, you can also use a docking station for extended port compatibility. Most of these are easily available online. You can choose any of these options.

2. Attach the Adapter to a USB Port

Attach the cable part of the adapter or docking station to your computer. Usually, the adapters come with USB 3.0 or 2.0 compatible parts.

3. Download the Adapter Driver

Modern laptops may not come with automatically loaded adapters. In this case, you must download the adapter driver to ensure the driver works properly.

  • You must visit the manufacturer’s website of the adapter you bought.
  • Now, choose the device you bought from the designated website and click on “Download driver.”
  • Wait till downloading completes.
  • Install the driver through the displayed instructions, and you are ready!

4. Bind an Ethernet Cable to the Adapter

If there is no direct option, you can always bind the Ethernet cable with a compatible USB cable and attach the Ethernet cable to your device. It is an easy solution.  No need to install new software or complicated mechanisms.

5. USB Type – C Adapter

If your laptop only supports USB type C ports connect the Ethernet cable with a USB C type cable first and then use the cable to connect the Ethernet cable with your computer.

Laptop Has No Ethernet Port – FAQs

1. Can you convert USB C to Ethernet?

Ans: You can get a USB 3.0 type-C to Ethernet cable to connect the Ethernet cable to your computer.

2. Do Ethernet to USB adapters exist?

Ans: Yes, Ethernet adapters are available online and offline with different speed facilities and cable types ranging from 10/100Mb/s to 480Mb/s.

3. Do all laptops have Ethernet ports?

Ans: The Ethernet cable is often missing if you check out modern and convertible laptops. The Ethernet port is discarded to make the laptop lighter, thinner and more compatible to touch.

4. How to check if my laptop comes with an Ethernet port?

Ans: Check the sides or back of your computer for a port similar to a phone jack but a bit bigger in size. It is the Ethernet port. If there is no such port, your laptop does not have an Ethernet port.


As modern laptops do not come with Ethernet ports, many people need to use alternative methods to use Ethernet services. Thankfully, there are different ways to solve this problem, like using an Ethernet-compatible viable or Thunderbolt docking station, to solve this problem. You can find the right option in case you want to use the Ethernet service.

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