VOLTME Revo 35 Duo Lite Review

Media consumption is one of the main consumers of battery on modern electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. But thankfully, most of these devices support fast charging, where you can quickly top-up the battery and be ready for the next episode.

If your device (iPad or smartphone) comes with a “slow” charger or doesn’t come with a charger at all, then it is high time to invest in a decent fast charger. Most higher output fast chargers in the market usually come with multiple (at least two) ports so that you can charger two devices at the same time.

This is exactly the case with the VOLTME Revo 35 Duo Lite, a 35W dual port charger that we recently came across. Both the ports on this unit are USB Type-C and you can fast charge two devices simultaneously (although the power output per port drops to 18W). But how does this charger perform in real-life usage? Does it provide the voltage and current it says it can provide?

You will find out all about the VOLTME Revo 35 Duo Lite Charger in this review. We are writing this review after using the charger for more than two weeks testing its claims and capabilities. We even did some stress tests on the charger to check its breaking point and temperatures. Continue reading the review to find out more about the same.

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