10 Best Printer Stand To Help You Organize Your Office Desk – 2023 Reviews

Discover the Best Printer Stands: Expert Picks, Features & User Insights for 2023!

Is your trusty printer a tad out of place in your modern workspace?

Similar to other devices, printers also need a dedicated space that is both fitting and functional. The right solution is to get a printer stand.

The suitable printer stand doesn’t just hold your printer; it amplifies workspace efficiency, reinforces device longevity, and can even augment your room’s aesthetics.

However, with so many printer-stand options, finding the right one for your needs can be daunting and lengthy.

To choose the best option, we recommend diving deep into our comprehensive “Buying Guide” to find the printer stand that seamlessly aligns with your needs and style.

Using the same guidance, we have shortlisted the best printer stands for your reference. Check out the reviews below for detailed analysis and information.

Best Printers Stands List

Best Printers Stands Reviews

1. HUANUO HNDPS Printer Stand

HUANUO HNDPS Printer StandThe HUANUO HNDPS Printer Stand exemplifies the perfect blend of design, functionality, and robustness. Crafted precisely, this stand promises to be an indispensable asset to any office or home workspace.

Made with high-quality materials, the HNDPS stand guarantees durability and can comfortably support varying printer sizes and weights, ensuring long-term usage without signs of wear and tear. Its compact structure doesn’t consume much desk space, making it ideal for spacious and constrained work areas.

Equipped with smooth-rolling wheels, relocating your printer becomes a hassle-free task. Whether moving it closer for a task or pushing it aside to free up space, the wheels ensure seamless movement. Plus, with lockable casters, stability is never a concern.

Beyond just supporting your printer, this stand comes with additional compartments or shelves, making it convenient to store essential office supplies such as paper, ink cartridges, and even personal belongings.

Its sleek design and elegant finish mean it’s not just functional but adds a touch of modernity to your workspace. Designed with the user in mind, setting up the HNDPS is straightforward. With clear instructions and labeled parts, assembling your printer stand will be a breeze.

User Feedback – Several users appreciated its sturdy construction and the additional storage compartments, which helped declutter her workspace. But despite its integrated cable management feature, she found it challenging to route some of her thicker cables through the designated channels.

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2. Mind Reader 3-Shelf Printer Cart

Mind Reader 3-Shelf Printer CartThe Mind Reader 3-Shelf Printer Cart embodies efficiency and ergonomic design, tailored for modern office needs. As its name suggests, this printer cart boasts three spacious shelves. This multi-tier design allows users to house their printer on one level while utilizing the other shelves for essential supplies or other devices.

This cart promises a robust structure, ensuring it can easily handle the weight of most standard office printers and additional supplies. The Mind Reader Cart has caster wheels that facilitate easy movement across various floor types.

The vertical tiered design ensures maximum utilization of vertical space, making it ideal for offices where desk real estate is at a premium. Featuring a sleek and minimalist design, this printer cart effortlessly complements contemporary office interiors, adding a touch of elegance and modernity.

The design of this printer stand allows it to function as a general-purpose office cart. Store your documents, stationery, or personal gadgets on the available shelves. The materials used in the cart’s construction are resistant to common stains and are easy to clean, ensuring that your cart retains its pristine appearance with minimal effort.

User Feedback – Users were impressed with its sturdy build and the convenience of the three-tiered shelves. However, after a few weeks of use, they have noticed a drawback. While the cart’s wheels allowed for easy movement, they found them noisy, especially on his hardwood office floor.

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3. DEVAISE 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet

DEVAISE 3-Drawer Wood File CabinetThe DEVAISE File Cabinet is not just a functional piece of furniture; it’s a statement of style and organization. It’s meticulous design and superior build quality make it a must-have for any space requiring an efficient and aesthetic storage solution.

As it is made of premium-quality wood, this file cabinet boasts a polished finish that exudes a natural warmth and sophistication, making it a perfect fit for traditional and modern interiors. The cabinet features three generously sized drawers, allowing users to efficiently categorize and store important documents, stationery, and other office essentials.

Designed to support the rigors of daily use, its sturdy structure ensures durability and longevity, providing reliable storage solutions for years. The top drawer has a lock and key mechanism, ensuring confidential files and valuables remain secure against unauthorized access.

Each drawer features smooth-gliding rails, ensuring hassle-free access to contents. The ergonomic handles complement the overall design and facilitate easy drawer operation. While it offers substantial storage space, its design ensures it only occupies a little floor space, making it a suitable fit for spacious and smaller rooms.

User Feedback – The users have praised the elegant wooden finish and how seamlessly it blended with her room’s decor. However, some have noted that while the top two drawers slid out effortlessly, the bottom drawer seemed slightly misaligned, causing it to stick when pulled out or pushed in occasionally.

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4. Safco Under Desk Printer Stand

Safco Under Desk Printer StandThe Safco Under Desk Printer Stand is a blend of functionality and style. It easily addresses common office challenges, such as space constraints and mobility needs. Designed to maximize productivity while minimizing clutter, this printer stand ensures that your printer finds a discreet space under your desk, always within easy reach.

Built with high-quality materials, the Safco printer stand promises longevity, ensuring your printer remains stable and secure for years. The stand comes equipped with smooth-rolling casters, allowing for hassle-free movement. Whether you are reconfiguring your workspace or cleaning, shifting your printer becomes a breeze. Plus, the lockable feature ensures stability when needed.

The stand features safety rails on its top shelf, ensuring your printer or any other device remains securely in place, even while on the move. Apart from the central shelf for the printer, the stand offers a secondary shelf, perfect for storing paper, cartridges, and other printer-related supplies.

Its minimalist design ensures that, even though it is out of sight, it still complements modern office interiors. Setting up the Safco Under Desk Printer Stand with user-friendly instructions is straightforward and quick.

User Feedback – Most consumers were pleased with this printer stand’s space-saving design and added mobility. However, after a few weeks of usage, some identified a drawback. They noticed that the secondary shelf, while excellent for storing lighter printer supplies, seemed to sag slightly under the weight of heavier paper reams.

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5. VASAGLE Industrial Printer Stand

VASAGLE Industrial Printer StandFor those looking to infuse their workspace with a touch of industrial elegance without compromising on functionality, the VASAGLE printer stand emerges as an impeccable choice. The fusion of robust steel and aged wood grain gives this printer stand a distinctive industrial look, perfect for traditional and contemporary interiors.

The stand features a spacious top for your printer and a lower shelf, ideal for organizing paper, cartridges, and other office essentials. The open design ensures easy access to supplies. Made with high-quality particleboard and a robust steel frame, the stand guarantees stability and durability, ensuring your printer remains safe and secure.

Equipped with adjustable feet, the printer stand ensures stability even on uneven floors, preventing wobbles and potential spills. Every part is labeled, and clear instructions are provided, making the assembly process straightforward and hassle-free.

Beyond holding a printer, its design and durability make it suitable for various other purposes, such as a side table or a bookshelf. Crafted with P2 grade particleboard, the stand is environmentally friendly, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

User Feedback – Users have appreciated the stand’s sturdy construction and the added storage space that helped declutter her workspace. However, the open design, while offering easy accessibility, also left her supplies prone to dust accumulation, especially in the airy loft space.

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6. OROPY Vintage Printer Stand Holder

OROPY Vintage Printer Stand HolderThis stand from OROPY is reminiscent of bygone eras that offer a touch of nostalgia while catering to the tech-savvy needs of today’s users. Meticulously designed with a focus on style and utility, this printer stand promises to be an elegant and efficient addition to any office or study space.

While the stand exudes a spacious vibe due to its open design, its compact dimensions ensure it fits comfortably even in tighter workspaces. Made with high-grade wood and reinforced metal joints, the stand offers robustness, ensuring your printer’s safety and stability.

Equipped with anti-slip pads on its feet, the stand guarantees minimal movement, reducing the risk of accidental slips or falls of the printer. The lower shelf provides additional storage space, ideal for keeping paper, cartridges, and other printer-related accessories organized and within arm’s reach.

Emphasizing sustainability, the OROPY printer stand uses eco-friendly materials, ensuring minimal environmental impact. The stand’s design facilitates easy cleaning, allowing users to maintain its vintage look with minimal effort.

User Feedback – Consumers loved its robust build and the added storage space, which helped them keep their printing essentials sorted. However, since it is an open design, it does not provide any shielding from dust accumulation.

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7. HOOBRO Under Desk Printer Stand

HOOBRO Under Desk Printer StandThe HOOBRO Under Desk Printer Stand addresses the modern need for space optimization without neglecting aesthetics. By maximizing utility while maintaining a sleek profile, this stand becomes an indispensable addition to any room.

It is specifically crafted to fit snugly under desks, optimizing available workspace and keeping the printer within easy reach without cluttering the desk’s surface. Built with premium quality materials, the stand boasts a sturdy frame, ensuring long-term durability and stability for your printing equipment.

Fitted with smooth-rolling caster wheels, this stand makes it a breeze to move the printer as needed. The lockable feature on the wheels ensures that the stand remains stable when in use. The platform comes with ventilation holes, ensuring the printer remains cool during extended usage, enhancing its longevity.

A secondary shelf below the main platform provides additional storage space for paper, ink cartridges, and other printing accessories, helping maintain a clutter-free environment. The stand’s finish complements a range of interior designs, ensuring that while it remains unobtrusive, it doesn’t skimp on style.

User Feedback – Though most of the people were impressed with its features, some of them felt that a slight lip or guardrail around the edges of the shelf would have made a world of difference in keeping items secure.

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8. EMERIT Printer Stand Shelf

EMERIT Printer Stand ShelfWhether you’re looking to enhance workspace organization or elevate the aesthetics of your room, the EMERIT printer stand proves to be a valuable investment. With a minimalist aesthetic, the EMERIT Printer Stand Shelf sports clean lines and a contemporary finish, effortlessly fitting into diverse decor styles.

The stand’s expansive surface area ensures that even larger printers fit comfortably with additional space for keeping essential accessories, such as paper trays or scanning attachments. Made of high-quality materials, the stand promises durability, ensuring it can comfortably support a range of printer sizes and weights without wobbling or sagging.

Below the primary platform, there’s an added shelf designed to hold printer-related items like reams of paper, cartridges, manuals, or even personal items, helping to declutter the workspace. The stand comes equipped with anti-skid pads on its legs, minimizing the risk of unintentional movement and ensuring the safety of your device.

Thoughtfully designed with ventilation holes, the stand aids in dissipating heat from printers during prolonged usage, contributing to the longevity of the device. The stand’s smooth finish not only adds to its visual appeal but also ensures easy cleaning, allowing users to maintain its pristine look with minimal effort.

User Feedback – Despite several amazing features and space-saving design, some users have noticed a slight hiccup with this model. The stand, while robust, seemed to resonate and amplify the vibrations and sounds of her printer, especially during high-resolution print jobs.

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9. ZBRANDS Store Printer Stand Cart

ZBRANDS Store Printer Stand CartZBRANDS printer stand cart is a comprehensive solution for home offices and small businesses as it can cater to the demands of multinational, large-scale printers. Its spacious top platform is tailor-made for your printer, while the lower shelf is perfect for storing essential office items.

Accommodates compact inkjet printers, scanners, and fax machines for effortless access. Thoughtfully designed to nestle under desks, the cart liberates crucial floor and tabletop areas. For those with limited home office space, the Mini is the ideal choice.

This printer cart prioritizes ease, demanding no tools for setup. Crafted with precision, the cart’s steel rods ensure unwavering stability. The robust ABS plastic shelves are resistant to wear and tear, each capable of bearing up to 40 lbs.

With clear instructions at your disposal, you can have your cart ready in a mere 10 minutes, enabling you to return to your tasks faster. Furnished with caster wheels, this printer cart ensures smooth transitions between rooms, be it offices or meeting areas.

User Feedback – Several consumers have expressed that the cart offered with its caster wheels was particularly handy, making transitions between rooms smooth. However, after several weeks of usage, they have noticed a slight wobble when navigating over thresholds or rough patches on the office floor.

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10. Giikin Desktop Printer Stand

Giikin Desktop Printer StandLast but not the least product on our list is from Giiking Desktop printer stand with a two-tiered design. The upper shelf caters specifically to printers or fax machines, ensuring they’re easily accessible. Meanwhile, the lower shelf serves as a repository for files, documents, and papers awaiting print, helping maintain a clutter-free workspace.

Crafted meticulously with a combination of MDF wood and metal, this printer stand promises resilience. An iron frame strategically placed between the shelves bolsters the structure, guaranteeing stability and enhanced load-bearing capacity.

With a display dimension of 17.3 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches, this stand can confidently bear up to 75 lbs for each shelf. Furthermore, the inclusion of four adjustable feet guarantees not just stability but also ensures your table remains scratch-free. Apart from using it as printer stand, you can use it as a bookshelf, night stand, coffee stand, or even a side table.

This printer stand boasts a user-friendly assembly process. Armed with lucid instructions and the required installation tools, you’ll find setting it up to be a breeze. Most users find themselves done in just about 15 minutes.

User Feedback – Consumers were pleased with the aesthetics and functionality of this printer stand. However, some of them noted a drawback: despite the adjustable feet, they found it challenging to stabilize the stand on slightly uneven floor.

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How to Choose the Best Printer Stand?

In today’s rapidly digitizing world, printers remain a pivotal office accessory. And for those looking to optimize workspace, a printer stand emerges as a smart addition. But, with a plethora of options, how does one select the best? This guide dives deep into choosing the ideal printer stand step-by-step.

1. Types of Printer Stands

Though there are several types of printer stands, we have mentioned some of the main options below for your reference.

2. Desktop Printers

Compact stands designed to sit atop a desk or table, best suited for home offices or smaller workspaces. Their main benefits include space-saving, accessible, and typically more budget-friendly.

3. Freestanding Printer Stands

Floor-based stands that are sturdier and larger, capable of supporting bigger printers or multiple devices. Its advantages include robustness, versatility in terms of storage, and capability of accommodating commercial printers.

4. Mobile Printer Stands

Equipped with wheels or casters, these stands are designed for easy movement. They are suitable for people who are looking for flexibility in placement and transport-friendliness as they come with lockable wheels for stability.

5. Adjustable Height Printer Stands

These stands allow users to modify the height based on preference or need. Its key features include ergonomic benefits, adaptability to different environments, and versatility.

6. Size and Capacity

One of the fundamental aspects of selecting the right printer stand is its ability to properly fit and support your printer.

Printer stands come in various sizes. To prevent any misfits, it’s essential to know the exact dimensions (length, width, and height) of your printer. A stand that’s too small can lead to parts of the printer overhanging, which can cause imbalance or the device to topple over.

In addition to the size, you should also consider the capacity or weight factor. The stand you select must be able to comfortably bear your printer’s weight without any risk of buckling or collapsing. This is where the stand’s weight capacity comes into play. Always ensure that the stand’s weight limit exceeds the printer’s weight to provide a safety margin.

Lastly, consider future upgrades. Choosing a stand with a little extra room and weight capacity can be foresighted, accommodating any near-future printer replacements.

7. Open Vs Closed Printer Stands

Open printer stands offer ease of access but come with the drawback of exposing printers to potential hazards like dust or accidental spills. In contrast, closed printer stands shield the printer, ensuring protection against such external threats. Your choice between the two should align with your specific requirements and the environment in which the stand will be placed.

8. Material

The material of your printer stand is not just about aesthetics; it’s closely linked to durability, functionality, and the ambiance of your workspace. Wood, metal, and plastic are some of the commonly used materials for printer stands. Here’s a deeper dive into the most common materials used for printer stands:

9. Wood

While wood stands are sturdy and can support a significant weight, it’s essential to ensure they are treated to resist moisture, which can lead to warping or damage over time. Regular dusting and occasional polishing can keep wooden stands looking pristine for years. However, they might be more susceptible to scratches and stains than some other materials.

10. Metal

Metal printer stands, often made of steel or aluminum, are heralded for their durability. They can resist wear and tear and are less likely to get damaged by moisture or temperature fluctuations. Metal stands often have a sleek, industrial look, making them a fitting choice for modern office setups or tech-heavy environments. Though metal stands are incredibly robust, they might be heavier than their plastic counterparts. However, this weight can be an advantage in providing added stability.

11. Plastic

Plastic printer stands are celebrated for their lightweight nature, making them easy to move or reposition. Modern plastics can be surprisingly strong, adequately supporting most standard office printers. They offer a budget-friendly solution without compromising too much on durability. With advancements in design, plastic stands now come in various styles and finishes, some even mimicking the texture and appearance of wood or metal. However, they are not as durable as wood and metal.

when choosing the material for your printer stand, consider the stand’s intended use, the environment it will be placed in, and your personal aesthetic preferences.

12. Mobility

Printer stands with wheels offer this flexibility. Especially in dynamic workspaces or multi-functional rooms, the ability to easily move a printer can be invaluable. However, there’s a catch – while mobility is an advantage, it shouldn’t come at the cost of stability. Therefore, when opting for a mobile printer stand, it’s imperative to ensure it features lockable wheels.

13. Storage Solutions

A printer stand that provides additional storage solutions can be a genuine boon. Instead of separately storing these essentials or cluttering your workspace, a stand with built-in shelves or compartments can centralize your storage needs. This not only ensures easy accessibility but also aids in maintaining a neat and organized workspace.

14. Cable Management

A jumbled mass of wires doesn’t just look untidy; it can also hinder productivity and even become a safety hazard. Printer stands that prioritize cable management offer solutions to this problem. These might include designated channels to route wires, clips to hold cables in place, or even concealed compartments to hide power cords and connection wires. Such features ensure that all cables are neatly organized, easily accessible, and out of the way.

15. Aesthetics and Design

While functionality is paramount, don’t neglect the design. The printer stand should complement the surrounding decor. Consider color, design, and overall aesthetic appeal.

16. Budget Constraints

Price points for printer stands vary. Set a realistic budget and stick to it. Remember, the most expensive option isn’t always the best in terms of your unique needs.

17. Warranty and Return Policy

Finally, examine the product’s warranty. A good warranty often indicates a brand’s trust in its product’s durability. Also, a flexible return policy ensures peace of mind if the stand isn’t the perfect fit.

Benefits of Having a Printer Stand:

  • Space Optimization: Printer stands can help organize a workspace by providing a specific spot for the printer, freeing up valuable desk or table space for other tasks.
  • Increased Accessibility: By elevating the printer to a convenient height or placing it in a more reachable spot, printer stands can make it easier to access and use.
  • Storage Solutions: Many printer stands come with additional shelves, drawers, or compartments, offering storage solutions for paper, ink cartridges, and other printer-related items.
  • Cable Management: Some printer stands have built-in cable management systems or features, helping to keep cords and cables organized and preventing them from tangling.
  • Enhanced Durability: A dedicated printer stand is designed to bear the weight and size of printers, ensuring that both the stand and the printer remain stable and in good condition.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Printer stands can blend seamlessly with office or home decor, offering a more polished and professional look than placing a printer on a random surface.
  • Safety: By ensuring that printers are placed on a sturdy and suitable surface, printer stands can prevent potential accidents, like printers being knocked over or cables becoming tripping hazards.
  • Improved Ventilation: Keeping a printer off a cluttered desk or closed cabinet can help with better airflow around the device, which can be essential for preventing overheating in some models.
  • Versatility: Beyond just holding printers, these stands can also be used for other equipment like scanners, fax machines, or regular storage units, making them a versatile addition to any space.

Best Printer Stand – FAQs

1. What is a printer stand?

Ans: A printer stand is a dedicated piece of furniture or equipment designed to support and house a printer. It may be a simple platform for the printer to sit on or a more complex structure with shelves, cabinets, and compartments to store related items such as paper, cartridges, and other office supplies. Printer stands can be stationary or mobile (equipped with wheels) and come in various materials, including wood, metal, and plastic.

2. Can I use a printer stand for other equipment like scanners or fax machines?

Ans: Yes, of course. But as long as the stand can support the weight and size of the equipment, it can be used for multiple purposes.

3. Can a printer stand support the weight of heavy-duty printers?

Ans: There are printer stands specifically designed to support heavy-duty or commercial printers. Always check the stand’s weight capacity before making a purchase.

4. Are there printer stands designed for specific printer models?

Ans: While many stands are designed to be universally compatible, some brands do offer stands tailored for specific models, ensuring a snug fit and optimal functionality.

5. Can printer stands handle outdoor conditions if I need to use my printer outside?

Ans: Most printer stands are designed for indoor use. If you anticipate outdoor usage, consider stands made of weather-resistant materials and ensure the printer suits outdoor conditions.

6. Are there printer stands that can accommodate multiple printers?

Ans: Yes, larger stands or multi-tiered designs can often accommodate more than one printer or a combination of a printer, scanner, and other devices.


In a world where efficiency and aesthetics increasingly go hand in hand, selecting the right printer stand is more than just a mundane task; it’s an investment in your workspace’s functionality and appearance.

From materials and designs to added features, the best printer stands marry practicality with style, ensuring not just a clutter-free desk but also an enhanced working experience. Whether you prioritize mobility, storage solutions, or the sheer elegance of design, there’s a printer stand out there tailored to your needs.

Among our list of the best printer stands, our top recommendations are…

If you still have any doubts, write to us in the comment section. Also share your thoughts and experiences with the printer stands. 

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