Best Android Scanner App for Documents, Photos and QR Codes

Smartphones with powerful rear cameras have replaced scanners in daily life. People can scan any document with the camera and use a scanner app to save the scanned document in desired file format. You can transfer the scanned document digitally to get your job done instantly.

Smartphones can scan photos effectively, but you need a specialized scanner app for photos for the best outcome. Similarly, some apps have enabled smartphones to scan QR codes as well as Bar codes. We have selected the best free Android scanner apps for effectively scanning documents, photos, QR codes, and Bar codes.

What Should You Look For In An Android Scanner App?

You will come across loads of scanner apps on the Play Store, but only a few are worth installing. You should watch out for some factors while choosing an Android scanner app.

1. Edge Detection 

A scanner app should automatically identify the scanned document’s edges. The edge detection must be accurate to get the exact document as the end product.

2. Perspective Correction

When you scan a document with your smartphone, it will not always be absolutely vertical. The app should detect the awkward angle and correct the perspective so that it is worth sharing. Before cropping the scanned image as per edge detection, the automatic perspective correction will save a lot of manual correction.

3. File Formats

After scanning your document or photo, you must save it in a proper format to share it immediately. For example, people save scanned documents in PDF format while scanned photos in JPG. Check the app’s file formats for saving and exporting scanned images.

4. Rating and Review

Last but most importantly, you should choose a scanner app with a high rating and enough downloads. For even better judgment, go through the reviews from genuine users to get an idea that the app is truly great.

Apart from this, cloud storage options can benefit many so they can get scanned images anywhere.

Best Android Scanner Apps for Documents

We have handpicked the best scanner apps for Android users who want to scan documents. All of them have basic scanning features in common, but there are certain exclusive features in every one of them. We have mentioned the downloads and ratings in braces for better judgment.

1. Microsoft LensMicrosoftlens

Downloads: 10 million

Rating: 4.7

Microsoft Lens is a highly-rated scanner app for Android users. The app is designed to scan documents, notes, and receipts accurately. You can also capture whiteboards, handwritten notes, printed words, business cards, and much more.

The app has options to trim and enhance the readability of the scanned document. The app lets you save the scanned document in PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and Image formats. You can save locally as well as on cloud storage like OneNote and OneDrive.

Exclusive Features:

  • Better editing options
  • Handwritten notes to digital text
  • Gets table formatted data from documents

2. Adobe ScanAdobe Scan

Downloads: 100 million

Rating: 4.8

Adobe Scan is the most professionally used Android app for scanning documents. It also happens to be the most downloaded and highest-rated scanner app. You can capture anything with precision. It can detect edges and borders, enhance notes for better readability, and recognize texts for conversion.

There are advanced editing options to remove stains and creases. You can crop, rotate and even adjust the color. The app has automatic text recognition, allowing you to reuse and edit digital texts from scanned documents. Certain paid features like combining scans in one file and exporting PDF to Word and PowerPoint are highly useful.

Exclusive Features:

  • Advanced editing options like color correction
  • Advanced optical character recognition
  • Choose page layout and size to save scanned docs
  • Remove imperfections and smart search options

3. CamScannerCamScanner

Downloads: 100 million

Rating: 4.9

CamScanner is the most popular scan app among Android smartphone users. The app can quickly detect documents and scan them in perfect format. It also optimizes the scan quality for better readability. The optical character recognition feature can extract text from scanned documents in digital format. You can save and share the scanned document in PDF and JPG format.

There are certain AI-powered editing options available for color correction, sharpening texts, adding filters, and clearing blurry documents. You can store the documents securely and search through them instantly. Certain features need a very affordable premium subscription.

Exclusive Features:

  • AI-powered editing options
  • Extract texts through OCR
  • Restore old photos and docs
  • Protect docs with password

4. vFlat ScanvFlat Scanner

Downloads: 10 million

Rating: 4.4

vFlat Scan is considered to be the best app for its OCR feature. Text recognition is highly accurate. The app automatically crops the scanned documents and recognizes the texts. Therefore, you can convert scanned documents to digital texts. Hence, you can search for any keyword in the document.

You can export the scanned documents in PDF file format. The app is particularly useful for scanning books and handwritten notes. It corrects the curved surfaces, and hence, the output will be absolutely professional. There are no ads; you do not have to sign up to use the app.

Exclusive Features:

  • Convert physical books to e-books
  • Flattens curved pages and removes distractions
  • Different scan modes for versatility and accuracy

5. Genius ScanGenius Scan

Downloads: 5 million

Rating: 4.9

This is the highest-rated scanner app on Play Stores. The app can detect documents and remove backgrounds effectively. It can also correct any distortion in the scanned document. Moreover, any shadow or defect on the scanned document will be removed spotlessly. The app allows batch scanning of documents, and you can apply different filters to the scanned documents.

You can save documents in PDF format and enable password protection. Besides, you can tag documents and organize them well. The text recognition is great, and you can export documents anywhere seamlessly. It makes the scanned document searchable by any keyword, and certain features are available for premium members only.

Exclusive Features:

  • Removes imperfections from document effectively
  • Makes documents legible and searchable
  • Create multi-page PDF documents securely

6. Google DriveGoggle Drive

Downloads: 500 million

Rating: 4.3

Google Drive is a good scanner app for documents for those who want to save them online and access them from anywhere. You can create different file formats to save the scanned document. You can also organize the scanned documents better, search them faster and share them with anyone based on access permissions. You can make instant adjustments to the scanned documents like trimming and cropping. After that, you can provide a title for the document to save in folders for better organization.

Exclusive Features:

  • Instant editing options and secure saving.
  • Cloud storage with better organization.
  • Supports different types of file formats to save scans.

7. Tiny ScannerTiny Scanner

Downloads: 10 million

Rating: 4.6

Tiny Scanner is a feature-rich app where you can scan, edit, save scanned documents safely, and share freely wherever you want. You can scan all types of documents, and its AI-power character recognition feature is very accurate. The edge detection and perspective correction are automatic. You can choose from different page sizes to save the scanned documents.

You can check the thumbnail to go through saved documents, and the processing is faster. You can save documents with passcode protection. Moreover, you can add a watermark or signature and share through email and save on popular cloud platforms. The OCR and sharing features are reserved for premium members.

Exclusive Features:

  • Automatic correction based on edge, color, and angle
  • Better saving options with passcode protection
  • Add a watermark or digital signature

8. SwiftScanSwiftScan

Downloads: 5 million

Rating: 4.2

SwiftScan can be used for scanning documents as well as QR codes. The scanned documents can be saved in PDF and JPG formats. As the name suggests, the operations are swift, and the edge detection is fast and automatic. You can scan multiple pages at once, and there are options to enhance the scanned documents.

You will find options to fax and email the scanned documents with a single tap. You can save the document in the cloud storage, and an accurate OCR option is available. There are options to upload scanned documents in the cloud automatically. Besides, you can choose from smart naming for better organization.

Exclusive Features:

  • Advanced document editing options
  • Faster processing and smart file naming
  • One-tap fax, email, and save to Cloud storage

9. Clear Scan

Downloads: 10 million

Rating: 4.8

Clear Scan is a fast scanner app that automatically detects edges and adjusts the perspective after scanning the document. The processing is faster, and there are different filters available to enhance the color tone of the scanned document. You can organize the scanned documents in different folders.

You can set different page layouts for the scans and save them in PDF format. The app also supports Cloud Print and instant emailing. The app can easily recognize characters in scanned documents and extract text from images. The app also compresses the file size for better space management.

Exclusive Features:

  • Brightens and enhances scanned document
  • Creates folders and subfolders for better organization
  • Faster processing and compressing scanned documents.

10. TurboScanTurbo Scan

Downloads: 1 million

Rating: 4.7

This is a relatively new scanner app with an outstanding rating. The edge detection is accurate, and the app corrects the perspective perfectly. The scan processing is faster, and you can save and search scanned documents from the app. You can email the scanned documents to your own email for backup and easy sharing. The app lets you save scanned documents in PDF, PNG, and JPG formats. You can adjust the brightness as well as color tone.

Exclusive Features:

  • Superior edge detection and auto-correct perspective
  • One-touch editing options for better readability
  • Easy emailing, organization, and faster processing

Best Android Scanner Apps for Photos

The scanner apps specifically designed for scanning documents are not that effective when it comes to scanning photos. This is because the cropping and enhancement need to be accurate and ample in photo scanning. Here are the best scanner apps for photos for Android users.

1. Picture Scan App by Photomyne

Downloads: 5 million

Rating: 4.4

This is the best scanner app for photos. The app is superfast in scanning and processing. You can scan multiple photos in one go. Apart from regular photos, you can scan negatives, slides, scrapbooks, and documents. Scanning a photo album takes a few minutes thanks to its faster processing. Save and share photos through web links and back them up online.

The app detects the edges and borders automatically and crops the unnecessary parts. Besides, it restores the color of the photos, which is effective for blurry and faded photos. Most importantly, you can create a digital album and save the scanned photos. A wide range of editing tools are available to sharpen the scanned photos.

Key Features:

  • Color enhancement for faded photos
  • Automatic cropping and batch scanning
  • Organize photo album creation and audio recording

2. PhotoScan by Google Photos

Downloads: 50 million

Rating: 4.2

This is one of the trusted photo scanner apps through which you can scan glare-free photos perfectly. The app automatically trims the excess parts in the photos thanks to its accurate edge detection. Moreover, the app corrects the perspective to get straight photos after scanning. There is also a smart rotation option available.

The scanning and processing parts are fast, and the scanned photo is safely stored in Google Photos. You can easily browse through them and search for any photos instantly. You can share the scanned photos immediately through their web links.

Key Features:

  • Accurate edge detection and perspective correction
  • Advanced editing tools present
  • Safe storage and instant sharing options

Best Android Scanner Apps for Barcode and QR Code

A few free scanner apps are available for Android users to scan barcodes and QR codes. Thanks to their faster processing and operation, we have selected the best reliable ones.

1. QR Code & Barcode Scanner

Downloads: 10 million

Rating: 4.5

Most users use the app for scanning QR codes. The app is lightweight, and the scanning and processing are faster. After scanning, the app offers different actions, which is always more convenient. The app also allows batch scanning for multiple QR codes and barcodes. You can also use the app as a QR code generator, and there is a dark mode for better readability.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and clean user interface
  • Keeps a history of the scans performed
  • Superfast scanning and processing

2. QR & Barcode Scanner

Downloads: 5 million

Rating: 4.6

This app, by QR SCAN Team, can scan QR codes and barcodes effectively. Therefore, you do not have to install separate apps, and the app functions efficiently. The app is completely free to use, and no annoying ads can come your way of operation. The processing of barcodes and QR codes is super fast, and you can use the app as a QR code generator as well.

Key Features:

  • Perform action after decoding codes
  • Keep history and save favorite
  • No annoying ads in spite of being free

3. Google Lens

Downloads: 100 million

Rating: 4.6

Google Lens is a scanner app with which you can scan any real-life object and search on Google for the subject. You can scan any text and translate it into any language. The app can scan QR codes and decodes the text behind the code. Scanning any QR code is easy, and processing is faster. The content is shown wonderfully, and it is integrated with Google Assistant for easy access and scanning any QR code instantly.

Key Features:

  • Tracks the movement of camera for better detection
  • Options to perform different actions after scanning
  • Translate text into different languages for scanned QR code

Best Android Scanner App – FAQs

1. What is the best free scanner app for Android?

Ans: The best free scanner app for documents is CamScanner. But Microsoft Lens and Adobe Scan deserve a special mention. Picture Scan App by Photomyne is the best scanner app for scanning photos. QR Code & Barcode Scanner is the best app for scanning QR codes and barcodes.

2. Is it safe to scan important documents using scanning apps?

Ans: Yes, it is safe to scan important and personal documents with scanner apps only if the apps are reliable. Instead of randomly downloading any scanner app, you should use scanner apps with high ratings and huge downloads. You can go through our handpicked scanner apps where safety has been given priority.

3. What are some great OCR tools for scanning receipts?

Ans: vFlat is considered the best OCR app for its accurate character recognition. You can also consider Microsoft Lens and Adobe Scan, which professionals use for scanning receipts.

4. Can I scan a document properly with my Android phone?

Ans: You can scan a document properly with your Android phone’s camera. The better the camera, the better the scanning quality will be. You will need a scanner app that can convert the scanned document into a digital file format for storage and sharing.


It is important to choose the right scanner app to scan your documents, photos, and even QR codes and barcodes. Specialized scanner apps are available for scanning different objects and codes. When scanning important documents and personal photos, you should choose a reliable scanner app. We have made the job easy for you by choosing the most reliable and free Android scanner apps for all categories. 

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