8 Best DVD Players for Samsung Smart TV In 2023

DVD players enable users to access videos or songs stored on DVD or VCD discs. This content can be accessed and viewed on a television using a DVD player. In cases where data needs to be stored for extended periods, using a DVD disc for storage allows for convenient access even after several years.

Several factors contribute to determining the best DVD player. You do not need to conduct exhaustive research or search extensively for this information. This guide provides specific insights into identifying the best DVD player by considering all essential aspects.

We have listed the top factors that decide the best DVD player available in the market by considering the below points.

1. Connectivity Technology: Generally, we connect the DVD player to the TV to fetch the data and display it on the TV screen. But to achieve this connectivity, various Connectivity options are available in the market; each connecting method is designed differently and performs its specific connectivity according to the television.

  • HDMI: This is the latest technology currently used in the market. By using this HDMI Cable, you can get the highest resolution and clarity in the video, and most importantly, you don’t need to buy 2 cables for audio and video connection. One single cable is enough for a data connection.
  • RCA Cables: This connection technology was initially developed by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), and later on, cables became popular. These cables come in three colors: red, yellow, and white. The yellow cable is used for video connections, while the red and white cables can transfer audio.
  • Component RCA Cable: These are simply upgraded versions of the RCA cable, providing better quality than the regular RCA cable. However, regarding quality, these component RCA cables are still not superior to HDMI cables. Typically, these cables consist of five colors and connect to corresponding points on your TV.

2. Resolution: The resolution refers to how well a DVD player can show videos or pictures on a TV screen. Usually, it’s measured in pixels. Traditional DVD players used to only support up to 480p resolution. However, modern DVD players have improved, allowing you to enjoy your movies and shows in full HD or even 4K. This is because newer devices can enhance the resolution to as high as 1080 pixels.

3. Media Type: As we know, different disc formats are available in the market. Therefore, ensuring that your DVD player supports all the DVD formats you need is crucial. These various media types include DVD, VCD, CD, MP3-based, and JPEG-based formats.

There are various DVD players available, and you will end up on them, but sadly it is tough to decide on the top DVD player without intense research. But you do not need to worry about this; we have covered the best match for you regarding a DVD player and also added a “Buying Guide” at the last.

Best DVD Players for Samsung Smart TV Table

Best DVD Player for Samsung Smart TV Connectivity Technology Resolution Media type Buy Now
ELECTCOM PRO DVD Player DVD/CD/HDMI/RCA/USB 1920 x 1080 pixel CD, DVD, VCD Check On Amazon
Sony DVD Player HDMI 1920 x 1080 pixel CD, DVD Check On Amazon
Ceihoit DVD Player RCA 1920 x 1080 pixel CD, DVD, JPG, JPEG, MP3, WMA Check On Amazon
Craig DVD Player HDMI 1080p upconvert CD, DVD Check On Amazon
Foramor DVD Player  HDMI CD, DVD, VCD Check On Amazon
Panasonic DVD Player  HDMI 1080 p CD,DVD Check On Amazon
GOKUID DVD Player RCA, Infrared, USB, HDMI, Coaxial 1920 x 1080 pixel CD, DVD, JPG, JPEG, MP3, WMA Check On Amazon
MAITE DVD Player  RCA, USB, HDMI 720p, 4K CD, DVD, VCD Check On Amazon

Best DVD Players for Samsung Smart TV Reviews 


The DVD player ELECTCOM PRO developed has won many’s hearts, emerging as the preferred choice in its segment. This is primarily attributed to its exceptional connectivity features.

The ELECTCOM pro DVD player offers various connection options for various devices, including televisions. It is equipped with HDMI jacks and RCA cable jacks and even supports USB connections. The package includes a remarkable addition – HDMI and RCA cables measuring 3 feet. An impressive aspect of the Electcom Pro DVD player is its ability to uphold a high resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, ensuring a sharp visual experience.

Regarding media support, this DVD player is set apart by being region-free. This means it can effortlessly handle DVDs from around the world. DVDs are typically categorized into 6 regions, and DVD players are designed to function according to these geographical divisions. However, the ELECTCOM pro DVD player is free from this limitation. This is especially advantageous for international travelers purchasing discs from various regions. Whether it’s CDs, DVDs, or VCDs, they can all seamlessly function on this DVD player. The video capturing resolution of the ELECTCOM pro DVD player is an impressive 1080p.

Best Features:

  • ELECTCOM PRO Player gets packaged with HDMI and RCA Cable of 3ft.
  • This DVD player supports region-free connectivity, so you can use it Globally.
  • The size is compact. It doesn’t occupy a larger space on your Television foundation.


  • The Speed of the ELECTCOM PRO DVD player leads it in the race; it can read any Disc in only 1 Sec.
  • It has the ability to upgrade the quality of pictures; as a result, you will get a more vibrant, Real color and smoother experience.
  • The fully functional Remote allows you to perform various tasks from your hands only; you don’t need to change manually on the DVD setup box.
  • This DVD player is a budget-friendly option compared to others in the segment.


  • Some of the Users have observed intermittent drop in the Audio.

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2. Sony DVD PlayerSony DVD Player

Almost everyone knows about Sony, a huge brand in the tech world. Sony has rocked the tech scene with its top-notch stuff. Usually, Sony things cost more than other brands, but they’re totally worth it. Their DVD player is no different. If you’ve ever tried Sony gear, you’d probably want this DVD player, too, even though it’s a bit pricey.

Now, let’s talk about the Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player. It’s not super fancy regarding connections – you can plug in an RCA or HDMI cable, but it doesn’t have a spot for a USB. The video quality is pretty good, with a resolution of 1920x1080p. But remember, this DVD player only handles CDs and DVDs, no fancy formats.

Don’t be disappointed, though. The Sony DVD player makes up for it with its cool looks and neat features. It’s sleek, stylish, and not too big, only about 270 mm long. The best part is how it upgrades regular video to awesome 1080p quality, so everything looks smoother and better. And guess what? The sound is awesome too, thanks to Dolby support. It’s like a treat for your ears.

Best Features:

  • Playback Versatility: Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player supports a wide range of playback formats such as JPEG, MP3, and DVD-RW, among others.
  • Slideshow Function: You can enjoy a slideshow of your photos in formats like JPEG, played one after another in slides.
  • Playback Speed Control: The enhanced speed control feature empowers users to adjust playback speed, allowing focused viewing of specific actions or moments.


  • The design of the Sony DVD player is sleek, thin, and stylish, adding a touch of elegance to its compact form.
  • The player remembers the last 6 playback points, making it easy to resume from where you left off.
  • Enjoy top-notch audio with the benchmark Dolby Audio support system.
  • The player employs upscaling technology to enhance video quality up to 1080p resolution.


  • Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player is the most expensive DVD player on the list.
  • You won’t get any HDMI cable in the package; you must buy it externally.

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3. Ceihoit DVD PlayerCeihoit DVD Player

The brand Ceilhoit might not be widely recognized among many users, but it efficiently provides a multitude of features, exceeding your expectations, in its DVD Player. You will certainly not be disappointed when seeking a variety of features.

Regarding media connectivity, Ceilhoit operates seamlessly across various regions, regardless of the country. You can utilize international discs from any region. The supported disc formats encompass DVD, CD, VCD, JPG, JPEG, MP3, and WMA.

Moreover, you are presented with three plug-in options to seamlessly connect your external devices: RCA, HDMI, and USB. This offers users a highly dependable experience. Unlike its counterparts, this DVD player has the latest Sanyo core drive. This integration empowers the DVD player to achieve elevated rendering speeds and advanced features like noise cancellation.

Best Features:

  • It supports region-free data connectivity for Disc.
  • The Ceilhoit DVD player has a built-in arrangement for connecting USB input.
  • Upscaling is possible up to 1080p, which enhances your picture and video quality.


  • Sanyo drive core enables this DVD Player to read fast and render videos in a very minimal time frame.
  • Ceilhoit’s compact design makes it more reliable and considered an easy portable device.
  • The whole package comes with an HDMI cable of around 5ft and an RCA cable unit of around 3ft so you don’t need to purchase them additionally
  • Anti-skip and noise cancellation are some of the notable features of the Ceilhoit DVD player.


  • The disc tray appears very thin and shallow. It’s important to be careful when inserting a disc into the DVD player. If it’s not done correctly, the disc can become loose inside.

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4. Craig DVD PlayerCraig DVD Player

For nearly five decades now, Craige has been capturing users’ affection in the realm of technological products through their constant advancements and adept utilization of technology. Currently, Craige boasts an extensive array of products available in the market, ranging from radio players to HDMI cables, headphones, and a multitude of other items, all falling under the encompassing brand umbrella.

Remarkably, Craige products are meticulously crafted to seamlessly accommodate a wide array of disc playback formats, including but not limited to DVD-R, JPEG, CD-R, CD-RW, and various other disc-related formats. Examining the connectivity choices offered by Craige, one can find options like the RCA cable and AV component cable, with an additional HDMI plug also provided. Regrettably, USB connectivity remains absent from the available options.

What truly sets this product apart is its affordability; it is the most budget-friendly option in its segment, especially when factoring in the collective value of all the combined offers.

Best Features:

  • Boosting video and picture quality is possible using upscaling up to 1080p.
  • The Craige DVD Player’s unique feature is that it can perform zoom operation and scanning.
  • It supports various playback formats for DVD, VCD, and CD.


  • Craige DVD Player is so compact that you can carry it in your hand and manage stylish looks.
  • Remote control management of DVD Player is possible.
  • A Craige DVD Player is one of the less expensive or budget-friendly amongst the other options.

Cons :

  • You will not get any USB ports and HDMI cables in the package.

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5. Foramor DVD PlayerForamor DVD Player

Next on our list of the best DVD Players is the Foramor DVD Player, which performs exceptionally well in this category and encompasses all the essential features of a DVD player.

Let’s delve into its compatibility with different media types. The Foramor DVD Player efficiently accepts and handles CD, DVD, and VCD disc formats. What’s particularly noteworthy is that it’s a Region-free DVD Player, allowing you to enjoy discs from any region code. This DVD Player supports a resolution of 1080p, ensuring high-quality viewing.

In addition to these features, the last memory function is an incredibly useful tool in scenarios where your connection is lost, or the power supply is disrupted. It allows you to resume playback from where you last left off. Furthermore, the USB connection enables direct access to stored data from a USB drive.

Best Features:

  • The latest chip used in Foramor DVD Player can even run scratch discs and offers a smooth and rapid response.
  • Noise-free operation using noise cancellation technology enables users to enjoy without any interruption.
  • Foramor DVD player works irrespective of the region of the country and allows you to play any international disc.


  • HDMI cable of 4 feet and AVI Cable come in a package; you don’t need to pay extras.
  • Last memory location can help you to reverse back where you left off in case of power is off.
  • USB support can give you more ability to connect access store data from a drive.
  • Improvement in videos and audio can be easier now using upscaling the quality up to 1080p.


  • The size of the Foramor DVD Player was found to be somewhat bigger if compared it to other available options.

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6. Panasonic DVD PlayerPanasonic DVD Player

Everyone here is familiar with the well-known and emerging brand called Panasonic. It is renowned for its cutting-edge technology products, which can be found in every household appliance and other gadgets.

We highly recommend considering the Panasonic DVD Player if you have a budget. This DVD player can handle all CD and DVD formats like other models. What sets it apart is its reputation for delivering the best and smoothest video playback experience to users. This achievement is possible because Panasonic has put much effort into improving the quality. As a result, you’ll enjoy a clearer, more vibrant, and colorful viewing experience.

Let’s Go deeper into the connectivity options. With HDMI, RCA, and micro USB ports, Panasonic offers reliable and seamless connections to suit your needs. While it may seem a bit bulkier compared to other DVD players in its segment, it compensates with a plethora of features.

Best Features:

  • The Panasonic DVD Player truly shines in the audio department. It boasts a top-notch Dolby audio system that delivers a full-blown theater experience right in the comfort of your own room.
  • The Slideshow feature is incredibly convenient. Whether you’re looking to display a series of photos or groove to your favorite tunes, you can do it effortlessly, no manual tinkering is required.
  • You can elevate your viewing and listening experience by up-converting lower-resolution content to a crisp 1080p high-resolution quality.


  • The Panasonic DVD Player has a dedicated USB slot, granting you easy access to all your content stored on your USB drive.
  • Its dust-proof design ensures you can use this player in even the dustiest environments without worry. Rest assured, your viewing experience won’t be compromised.
  • In the event of a power outage, the power resume feature kicks in, allowing you to pick up right where you left off within seconds.
  • Plus, it offers a wide array of connectivity options to link up with your television seamlessly.


  • Unfortunately, the package does not include HDMI or RCA cables. You’ll need to purchase these separately.
  • The price for a Panasonic DVD player is slightly higher than the others in the same segment.

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The Gokuid has been rapidly growing in the market, with over 40,000,000 users already, covering nearly all top countries. It has won the hearts of users by delivering high-quality products.

The Gokuid DVD Player performs exceptionally well, providing a seamless experience when accessing content from discs. It supports various media types, including CDs, DVDs, MP3s, and JPEG content discs. The video resolution reaches up to 1920 x 1080 pixels. Moreover, it offers HDMI and RCA slots for audio and video connections.

These were the general features of the Gokuid DVD Player. Now, let’s explore some of its unique properties. It’s compatible with discs from any region, allowing you to play them without issues in other countries. Additionally, it includes an upscaling feature, which can enhance low-quality content to 1080p HD videos.

Best Features:

  • The latest chip in the Gokuid DVD Player incorporates smart correction technology, allowing it to play scratched or damaged discs smoothly.
  • It offers USB support for accessing data stored on a flash drive.
  • The player remembers your last playback position, so you can resume from where you left off even after a power interruption.


  • The Gokuid DVD Player uses upscaling technology to enhance video quality, converting your videos to 1080 pixels for a better viewing experience.
  • The package includes HDMI and RCA cables and a remote controller for convenient remote access to all its features.
  • It employs a Sanyo chip for scanning discs, ensuring rapid response times and saving you valuable time.
  • The player offers multiple playback options.


  • Some users have reported that the device can be somewhat noisy when operating with discs.

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MAITE is one of the Chinese brand companies that comes last on our list, but it is no less the above competitor. You might wonder why this brand has been awarded as one of the 7 Top best reviews and Rated 3 ARK Top. All this telling speaks about MAITE’s performance and the brand’s quality.

This MAITE DVD player comes with multiregional support, It works independently of the different region codes to fully enjoy any international Disc. The type of Discs that this DVD player accepts has a wide range of listings, including CD/DVD/VCD/SVCD/CD-R/EVD/DVD-R/DVD-RW. Apart from this, every possible option is provided by the MAITE DVD player for connectivity. Includes USB port that will read data from Flash drive. Whether it’s MPG, MP3, or photos File, that won’t matter anymore.

Something unique that is only observed in this product is the Microphone Connection, This is the only DVD player that offers not one but two mic Connections to get full enjoyment of your party along with your family or others. Again if we look at the Audio and Video quality of the MAITE DVD player, you will never disappointed because in terms of Audio, MAITE uses the Dolby Support system, which is benchmark technology from the market, and Videos you can enjoy your viewing experience on 720p or 1080p Depends on the Disc Condition.

Best Features:

  • This MAITE DVD Player has not one but Two mic Jack options available to connect the microphone to enjoy your parties.
  • It has a Disc operating system that works irrespective of the region code, so you can play any Disc from other countries.
  • The Dolby support audio system makes this DVD player a great deal to go with.


  • The package includes everything you want in one DVD player: an HDMI Cable and an AV cable set for your favorable Connectivity.
  • This MAITE DVD player is compatible with almost every Disc Type.
  • You can remotely access all the features using the Remote controller.


  • In terms of design, this DVD Player does not have a slick and reliable size as compared to other stylish options available from the segment.

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Buying Guide for Best DVD Players for Samsung Smart TV

A DVD Player is a device that allows you to seamlessly access the content on your discs, whether it’s videos, images, or MP3 files. When you opt for the latest DVD Player, you can access numerous features like upscaling, zooming in, slideshow functions, and many others. However, it’s crucial to understand the most important features when selecting the perfect DVD Player for your needs. Here, we’ve outlined the key factors determining the best DVD Player for you.

1. Connectivity Technology

When we talk about Connectivity Technology, we mean the methods or options the brand provides for connecting your DVD Player to your television and other audio systems. The basic options include HDMI, the latest technology for transferring data quickly and providing a clearer and more colorful picture. Next, there’s the RCA cable and the component type RCA cable. Lastly, there’s USB connectivity for using data from a flash drive. However, we recommend opting for the latest technology of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, which gives you a wireless connection.

2. Resolution

Resolution refers to the number of pixels that determine the quality of the videos and pictures supported by the DVD player. Most modern devices support upscaling or up-conversion to enhance the resolution to as high as 1080p from a lower resolution.

3. Media Type

It’s essential to know how many types of discs your DVD player can handle since there’s a wide range available in the market. Most players can handle DVDs and CDs, but some can handle additional formats.

4. Controller Type

This factor explains the various ways to control your DVD Player. Generally, remote control is popular in the market, but you also have manual buttons on the player in case you misplace your remote. Moreover, with evolving technology, controlling your DVD player via a mobile phone has become a reliable option.

5. Video Capture Resolution

While not widely known, it’s important to ensure that your DVD Player can capture video if you intend to connect it to a DVD recorder or a computer. This ensures compatibility with the capabilities of the recorder.

6. Warranty

Lastly, but very importantly, consider the assurance against any unwanted component damage or product defects, along with coverage provided by the manufacturer. A longer warranty period speaks to the product’s quality and in stills confidence in the brand. However, it’s crucial first to check what the manufacturer covers under their warranty.

Considering all these factors, you can confidently choose the perfect DVD player for your needs without any confusion.

Best DVD Players – FAQs

1. Are there any region restrictions for DVD players with a Samsung Smart TV?

Ans: Yeah, this is a limitation you may encounter if you make the wrong choice. Certain DVD Players rely on the region code, which can be an issue when using a Samsung Smart TV. Make sure your DVD Player has region-free capabilities, or at the very least, it should be compatible with the region code of the disc you intend to play

2. Are there any benefits to getting a DVD player with USB or SD card slots for a Samsung Smart TV?

Ans: Today, we’ve observed that USB usage is more common than discs. Therefore, a DVD player with a USB slot that can play content from a flash drive allows users to enjoy videos, audio, and photos without hassle. This is a convenient feature for enjoying your digital files.

3. What is the difference between a regular DVD player and a DVD recorder?

Ans: If we talk about the DVD player alone, it’s designed only to play and show the data on a disc. However, when we consider the DVD recorder, things change. A DVD recorder can play DVDs and record content onto blank DVD discs. It’s important to note that not all DVD players have this recorder capability. If you want both features, you must choose a DVD recorder.

4. How can I use a Samsung Smart TV remote to control the DVD player’s settings and features?

Ans: The answer to the question above depends on how well your TV and DVD Player work together. If both devices support HDMI-CEC, you can control your DVD player using your Samsung Smart TV remote. To ensure this works, checking the user manuals and contacting their customer support for compatibility confirmation is a good idea.

5. Are there any portable DVD player options for Samsung Smart TVs?

Ans: Unfortunately, portable DVD players are typically designed to operate independently. Some models have essential input ports for connecting to a Samsung Smart TV. However, it’s essential to remember that portable players do not support the advanced features of the latest DVD players.


At the conclusion of this discussion, we’ve learned about the factors that influence the selection of the best DVD player. Additionally, we’ve highlighted some top products individually. Among them, one product stands out for its exceptional performance in all aspects, whether it’s budget or performance-related.

  • That product is from Ceihoit DVD Player, a brand renowned for its DVD player with unique features such as HDMI, RCA cable, and USB connectivity. What’s even more remarkable is that both HDMI and RCA cables are included in the package. It also supports a wide range of DVD formats and boasts impressive features like anti-shake, memory playback, and upscaling, among others. Furthermore, Ceihoit utilizes a specialized chip in its DVD player, known as the Sanyo Drive Core.
  • If your top priority is your budget, we suggest you opt for the MAITE DVD Player with HDMI and RCA cable. It offers two ports for connecting a microphone or mic to the DVD player. You won’t find these features in any other DVD player. Besides that, this DVD player supports all the essential and advanced functions that you’d expect from a DVD player.
  • If quality and brand reputation are important to you, then the Sony DVD Player with Upscaling technology is the right choice. It offers fast and slow playback options and supports digital Dolby audio to enhance sound quality. There’s no doubt about the build quality of this reputable brand when it comes to DVD players.

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