Best Bluetooth Bathroom Speaker Fan In 2023

A Bluetooth bathroom speaker is a dual-functioning device that serves two primary features. It works as a ventilation fan as well as a Bluetooth speaker. That automatically makes you experience premium bathroom facilities. Although it has two completely different functions that have nothing to go along with, just like the function of a ventilation fan is to remove the excess pollutants, moisture & odors from the bathroom. Whereas the speaker allows you to enjoy your favorite music. Also, you can connect the same with your Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as a smartphone or tablet. In order to experience true wireless features.

Well, looking out for a new Bluetooth fan speaker can be a really tough job. There are multiple factors to be considered, but to make it easy for you; we have listed a few of the most important factors for your better and simple understanding.

  • CFM: Cubic feet per minute (CFM), is the standard measurement type used for exhaust fans & ventilation fans in order to identify its ability. As the CFM directly refers to calculating the amount of air a fan can exhaust in a minute. In the Bathroom Bluetooth speaker fans, fans have a major impact due to their capacity, which is directly proportional to the area for which it is installed. In simple terms, the CFM of the ventilation fan should be capable of covering your bathroom area.
  • Noise Level: The noise level in a Bluetooth speaker fan refers to the amount of noise a fan will generate while rotating. The value is measured and standardized in sones; it can vary from 1.1 to 3.1 or higher. Generally, the lesser the sones value is, the less the device is noise-productive. It is better to consider a fan with less sones value in order to enjoy the true Bluetooth speaker experience.

There are many products available in the market with different ranges and brands that may confuse users. To make it simple, we have listed some of the best products in the market along with a “Buying Guide” for simple and better understanding.

Best Bluetooth Bathroom Speaker Fan List

Best Bluetooth Bathroom Speaker Fan Reviews

1. Broan-NuTone Bluetooth Speaker

Broan-NuTone Bluetooth SpeakerBroan NuTone is one of the most famous brands currently present in the market. A brand dedicated to offering the best air ventilation devices.

In today’s list at number one, we have the Broan-NuTone SPK80L Bluetooth Speaker Ventilation Fan that comes from one of the best brands currently present in the market. This device comes with an 80 CFM rating that is more than enough to cover the bathroom area of a medium-sized bathroom (i.e., 50 to 100 square feet) and give you fresh air. Along with that, it has a noise level rating of  2.5 sones which is comparatively higher than other products. Because of this, it does make the device more noise-productive and noticeable for a user, but it is still compatible with many bathrooms due to its high CFM ratings.

The device uses corded electricity as a power source for a safe & steady power supply. Not just that the device is Bluetooth-enabled, which allows users to connect it with other Bluetooth-enabled media devices to enjoy music. Also, the device comes with a wall-type control for easy control. At the last, the most important factor, i.e., warranty, yes the device comes with a 3-year warranty from the brand and a 30-day voluntary return guarantee from Amazon.

Best Features:

  • The device offers the highest CFM rating i.e., 80 CFM, compared to other products.
  • The device comes with a 3-year brand warranty and 30 30-day voluntary return guarantee from Amazon.


  • The device has an LED light for an amazing visual experience.
  • The device comes with a permanently lubricated AC motor for continuous smooth working


  • Noise level rating is a bit higher than other products available in the market.

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Another Best Product from Broan NuTone:

Broan NuTone Bluetooth Speaker, we have is SPK110, one of the best and highly recommended products by Broan NuTone. The SPK110 comes with the highest CFM rating of 110 along with the lowest noise level of 1.0 sones which makes the device a real beast in terms of performance. Not just that, it also comes with a dual Bluetooth-enabled speaker that you can use with other Bluetooth devices to enjoy the best music experience.

2. Homewerks Bluetooth Speaker

Homewerks Bluetooth SpeakerHomewerks is an amazing brand specially known for a variety of home appliances products. It has a huge list of products to offer you when it comes to smart home appliances.

The second in our list we have Homewerks Worldwide 7130-04-BT Bathroom Fan Bluetooth Speaker that can be easily mounted on your ceiling for fresh air and amazing music. The device comes with a CFM rating of 70 CFM, which is more than enough for a smaller size bathroom. Along with that, it has a noise level rating of 1.5 sones, which makes the device barely audible to you. With such a powerful combination of CFM and noise level ratings, it makes the device a completely outstanding performance tool.

The device also has a heavy material built up quality (galvanized steel) that makes it tough and dependable. Also, the Bluetooth-enabled speaker allows users to connect almost any type of Bluetooth-enabled device from other brands. May it be IOS, Android, iPad, or tablet. Not just that it also offers a pairing & connectivity range of up to 30 feet that allows users to gain a true wireless experience. And lastly, the most important factor is that the brand provides three years of warranty for fans and a 1-year warranty for speakers.

Best Features:

  • The device comes with a noise level rating of 1.5 sones, which makes the device barely audible.
  • The device is also eligible for a warranty scheme, i.e. 3 years for the fan & 1 year for the speaker.


  • The device is compatible to connect with almost all types of Bluetooth-enabled media devices.
  • The device has a long connectivity and pairing range of 30 feet.


  • CFM rating is less than other products in the market

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3. Delta BreezIntegrity Bluetooth speaker

Delta BreezIntegrity Bluetooth speakerDelta breeze, is one of the best brands known for its quality and performance excellence. The brand has a huge variety of products along with a commitment to quality.

At number three on our list, we have Delta BreezIntegrity ITG70BT, a super amazing product dedicated towards its performance features quality. The device comes with a CFM rating of 70 CFM along with a noise level rating of 1 sones. That makes the device the most silent device currently available in the market.

Not just that, the device comes with a 3.0 speaker (i.e., 3 W & 4 Ohm) that is compatible with almost all types of Bluetooth-enabled media devices. Such as smartphones, tablets & laptops. Unlike other products, the Delta ITG70BT also offers power efficiency that comes with a rating of 10.6 CFM/Watt. The device is also compatible with DC as a power source, along with the product warranty of 3 years. The Delta ITG70BT also comes with an app control as a control type that allows users to access it from almost anywhere within the range.

Best Features:

  • Lowest noise level rating, i.e., 1.0 sones.
  • The device comes with a 3.0 speaker (i.e. 3 W & 4 Ohm)


  • It has the highest efficiency rating of 10.6 CFM/watts.
  • The device offers app control as a control-type feature.


  • Price is comparatively high for a given feature.

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Buying Guide For Bluetooth Speaker Fan

Buying a perfect Bluetooth speaker fan for your bathroom can be a tough job, as it includes many important features and factors that need to be understood before purchasing. That can be a really confusing task. But not to worry, we have added a complete buying guide with all the important factors that can help you to choose a perfect device.

1. CFM & Noise Level

CFM and noise level are two major factors that should be considered before purchasing a Bluetooth bathroom speaker fan. The reason to include both points in the same factor is because they both rely on each other. The CFM refers to the amount of air that can be moved within a minute from a specific area. The higher the CFM value is, it can cover the larger area and amount of air. In the same process, the amount of noise generated is known as the noise level that is denoted in sones. The noise level is completely opposite in terms of measurement range and configuration. For a noise level, the lesser the value is, the better the performance a user receives.

2. Power Source & Connectivity

A power source & connectivity in a Bluetooth bathroom speaker and fan refers to the type of power input a device is compatible with, along with the type of connectivity it allows to connect with other devices. Generally, while checking out for power source details, one should consider the input & output voltage value in order to avoid device failure. In the very same way, while checking out connectivity, one should understand the type of connectivity, its connectivity range, and pairing modules.

3. Type of Control & Material

There are multiple types of controlling systems i.e., offered in Bluetooth bathroom speakers & fans. Such as smartphone app control, remote control, voice control, or wall-mounted control. They all vary according to brands and features. Whereas for materials, one should check for fan quality and its housing along with speaker components and quality.

4. Warranty

Warranty is a very crucial factor when you are purchasing an electrical device. In order to cover up any unfortunate device failure. Whereas the offered warranty varies according to the brand. Also, it is very important to understand the type of warranty covered in the given period.

Bluetooth Bathroom Speaker Fan – FAQs

1. What is the difference between a bathroom fan and an exhaust fan?

Ans: A bathroom fan is dedicated to bringing clean air inside from an outside source via an enclosed space. At the same time, the exhaust fan helps to remove the moisture, pollutants, and odor from the dedicated place.

2. Is higher CFM better for bathroom fans?

Ans: CFM refers to the amount of air that can be moved within a minute from a dedicated area. That makes it automatically understand the higher CFM a device has the more it is better for your bathroom.

3. Can I control the Bluetooth speaker fan remotely?

Ans: Controlling a Bluetooth speaker fan completely depends on the type of model a user is using. Some models do offer remote controlling options with the help of a direct remote or a smartphone. Also, some devices offer voice assistant controlling modules like Alexa by Amazon or Google Assistant.

4. Can I use a Bluetooth bathroom speaker fan without connecting it to Bluetooth?

Ans: A fan’s working is not dependent on Bluetooth connectivity, yes it can be used as an external source for your bathroom.

5. Can I use the Bluetooth speaker fan for hands-free calling in the bathroom?

Ans: Yes, many models do offer built-in microphones that automatically allows users to make and receive calls completely hands-free in the bathroom.

6. Do Bluetooth bathroom speaker fans have a timer feature for automatic shutoff?

Ans: Automatic shut-off refers to a function that allows the user to set a timer for a device to automatically shut down. Whereas the compatibility of these functions completely depends on the model that you are using.


Nowadays, Bluetooth bathroom speaker fans have become a really common device. As it really helps users to gain real smart appliance experiences. From today’s article, we have some best suggestions for you to make it simpler. If you are looking out for a product that has all the smart features, then you should go for Delta ITG70BT. A product that gives you a real smart appliance experience with its app controller and Bluetooth connectivity. But if you want a device that should fit your pocket needs and also has all the necessary features. Then you should go for Homewerks 7130-04-BT. A device that gives you a quality experience and excellent performance.

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