Frontpoint and SimpliSafe: Which Home Security System is Right for You?

With time, home security products have evolved into complex, smart, and innovative units. Leaving the older door-lock combinations, the security systems now use a setup of multiple surveillance devices. Considering the sudden increase in smart homes, several brands started offering home security systems. Brands like Frontpoint and SimpliSafe have made an impact in this segment in recent years.

Both Frontpoint and SimpliSafe are known for their intelligent and efficient home security systems. Both brands have been present in the home security market for over a couple of decades. To meet the customers’ expectations, they have adapted the latest technologies to continuously upgrade their product range. Hence, it becomes difficult when a user has to choose between Frontpoint and SimpliSafe products.

In this article, we will discuss how both brands compete with each other. For the same reason, we will compare some crucial factors between Frontpoint and SimpliSafe.

An Overview of Frontpoint Security Systems

Frontpoint has a wide range of products majority of which are placed in the premium segments. However, it offers some of the best monitoring plans in the home security market. Frontpoint products are known for their optimized hardware compared to the software. Hence, Frontpoint is preferred by consumers who need a professional security system for their homes. A user who prefers quality over anything will find Frontpoint as an ideal choice.

Its product range is also loaded with innovative features to suit tech-savvy users. The level of automation offered is quite impressive, making these products suitable for smart homes. To add cherry on the top of the cake, Frontpoint also focuses on after-sales support. It has a professional team of technicians and extended warranty programs to solve the problems of users.

Pros of Frontpoint Security Systems

  • The products offer an easy installation
  • Types of equipment can be purchased without needing a contract
  • The majority of the products are compatible with smart home integrations
  • Users can avail of a 30-day free trial before the option for subscription plans
  • It offers higher customization in its equipment packages
  • The after-sales support is impressive

Cons of Frontpoint Security Systems

  • The user does not get a self-monitoring option with subscription plans
  • Some of the subscription plans are priced higher
  • It does not offer a professional installation option

An Overview of SimpliSafe Security Systems

SimpliSafe is also a synonymous name for reliable home security systems. Established over 20 years ago, it has steadily risen to fame thanks to its diverse portfolio of products. It offers home security products for almost all types of consumers, from regular to professional ones. On top of this, it also offers feature-rich subscription plans to further improve the security of your homes.

SimpliSafe products are equipped with segment-best cameras which makes them stand out against the competitors. Sticking to its strictly DIY products, SimpliSafe products offer a user-friendly installation process. These products focus on internet connectivity and remote control to add comfort at the user end. Similar to Frontpoint, SimpliSafe also offers better after-sales and technical support to its users.

Pros of SimpliSafe Security Systems

  • The products are quickly installed compared to the competitors
  • The video recording quality of its products is excellent
  • It offers both professional and self-monitoring options to the users
  • It offers a professional installation option to its users
  • The pricing of the monthly monitoring plans is cheaper
  • It offers a money-back guarantee for 60 days

Cons of SimpliSafe Security Systems

  • The sensitivity of sensors on some products cannot be changed which results in false alarms
  • The flexible pay option is not available for equipment purchase
  • It is compatible with a very limited number of smart home integrations

Comparison of Features Between Frontpoint and SimpliSafe Security Systems

We will move towards the main discussion of this article: Frontpoint vs SimpliSafe. To simplify the comparison, we will discuss some standard and additional features offered by both brands. These features are crucial for the working of home security systems which further helps in preventing intrusion. Each feature is discussed in detail below:

1. Installation

Installing home security systems is a crucial process for their performance. Factors like field of view, motion detection, and others depend on the correct placement of the home security products. Both brands promote DIY-friendly installations of the products to reduce additional costs for installation. This also simplifies the installation process at the user end. Frontpoint products are strictly DIY-based units and hence users get no option for professional installation. SimpliSafe is also strictly DIY but offers a professional installation option for a maximum fee of $125.

2. Equipment and Package

Both brands offer a diverse range of equipment, either a standalone unit or a package. Users can buy these equipment depending on their usage which saves a lot of money. The standalone units of Frontpoint are priced cheaper than the SimpliSafe units. The combo packages by SimpliSafe however cost less to the user, compared to the packages of Frontpoint. Frontpoint equipment costs from $99 to $1000, depending on the customization. SimpliSafe equipment costs between $200 to $800, including various add-ons.

3. Camera Options(Wire/Wireless)

Without cameras, a home security system will be of no use. They help in monitoring the surroundings and recording proofs for the user. However, brands must offer several camera options to the user. This helps in customizing the camera setup with wired and wireless units. Wired cameras from SimpliSafe are available at a lower cost of $99. Since SImpiSafe focuses on wireless products, it also offers wireless cameras priced between $140 to $180. Frontpoint has a limited wireless camera option priced between $70 to $150. The wired camera range is priced between $60 to $130.

4. Monitoring

Monitoring is the most sought-after feature of a home security system. Depending on the monitoring plans, the user gets additional features like emergency alerts. Two types of monitoring are available for the users: self and professional monitoring. Frontpoint offers professional monitoring for $49.99 per month. It includes 24×7 monitoring, automatic sensor calibration, emergency alerts, etc. SimpliSafe offers professional monitoring at a maximum cost of $29.99 per month. It includes 24×7 self and professional monitoring, multiple camera setups, emergency dispatch, and many other features.

5. Subscription Plans

Frontpoint and SimpliSafe offer additional features to the users via subscription plans. Shucpaton plans are customized to serve a certain segment of users. This helps in reducing the monthly expenses of a user while offering suitable features. SimpliSafe offers three different subscription plans, priced from $9.9 to $29.99. In this case, Frontpoint has a simplified subscription plan (only one) priced at $49.99. Users can also use Frontpoint or SimpliSafe products without an active subscription. However, they won’t be able to access some features.

6. Contract and Trail Periods

Some of the home security systems are available only under a contract. This contract ensures the user will pay a monthly or annual fee to use the system, for certain months. This contract locks the users for a set amount of time, even if they don’t want to use the system. Fortunately, SimpliSafe and Frontpoint do not need annual contracts. They offer a monthly contract which is charged as subscription fees. Frontpoint offers a 30-day trial period within which a user can return a purchase system. Similarly, SimpliSafe offers a money-back guarantee within 60 days of equipment purchase.

7. Mobile App

App connectivity is one of the recent features of home security systems. These apps create a direct connection between the security system and the user’s device (usually a mobile). The user can monitor, control, and connect the home security via this app. The Frontpoint app allows users to arm or disarm the system, view a live feed, enable push notifications, and any other features. SimpliSafe app also offers similar features along with live recording, past timelines, etc features.

8. Smart Home Integration (Voice Assistants and Automation Devices)

Smart home integration helps a security system in pairing with other devices on a shared network. As the home security product becomes a part of a centralized network, automation and control of the device becomes easy. Frontpoint products support various smart home integrations like Apple Home, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. These products can be used with Yale smart locks, thermostats, etc. Similarly, SimpliSafe products can also be paired with August smart locks and other devices. They support smart home integrations like Alexa. Google Assistant, etc.

9. Connectivity

Without proper connectivity, the security system will not be able to transfer necessary data to the centralized hub or user’s phone. Hence, Frontpoint and SimpliSafe offer internet connectivity to their devices. WiFi is popularly used as the major mode of connectivity for these products. Both Front and SimpliSafe have dual connectivity options. They use cellular as well as WiFi connectivity to connect their products. In case one technology fails, the other technology will keep the product connected.

10. Customer Service

The role of any home security brand does not end after selling their products. The real need for support arises when users have to install these systems, troubleshoot them, or experience problems with them. Hence, Frontpoint and SimpliSafe offer customer service to their users. In this case, Forntpint gets better recognition due to this incredible after-sales support. It quickly connects the user with a team of technicians and helps them find an ideal solution. The customer service of SimpliSafe is also good but less efficient than Frontpoint.

Frontpoint vs Simplisafe: FAQs

1. Is the Frontpoint security system a reliable option?

Ans: Yes, Frontpoint security systems are a popular choice when it comes to home security. These systems are preferred due to their reliability, quality, and user-friendly features. It offers users a wide range of products with flexible buying options. Similarly, the DIY-friendly nature of these products helps in installing them without spending extra money.

2. Can you record audio via SimpliSafe products?

Ans: Yes, a user can record audio with selective products from SimpliSafe. Usually, this feature is available on some outdoor cameras and doorbells. A built-in microphone is offered which comes with a noise cancellation feature. This helps in reducing noise and capturing crystal clear audio for the visitor. Audio recording is available for live as well as recorded videos.

3. How much does Frontpoint security cost per month?

Ans: At this moment, Frontpoint offers only one subscription plan to the users. This plan costs over $49.99 to the users, per month. It includes various features like 24×7 monitoring, emergency dispatch, live recording, automatic network change (from WiFi to cellular), and other premium features.

4. What is the average lifespan of Frontpoint sensors?

Ans: The life of Frontpoint sensors depends on how they are being used. In the lab conditions, these sensors are tested to withstand almost every type of situation. In real life, the situation still varies, thereby affecting the life of a senior. Frontpoint sensors can last for 5 years of continuous usage.

5. Can SimpliSafe products send alerts to the user’s phone?

Ans: Yes, SimpliSafe products are configured to send alerts directly to the user’s phone. The alerts come in the form of push notifications, alarms, or emails. The multiple alerts help in getting instant alerts even if the user’s phone is in silent mode. The level of alerts can also be changed with the help of the SimpliSafe app.

6. Is it possible to use SimpliSafe products without WiFi?

Ans: Yes, SimpliSafe allows users to operate its products without needing WiFi. The majority of these products are equipped with dual-connectivity features. Hence, the products will either use WiFi or cellular connectivity. Since WiFi is not being used, the products will automatically switch to cellular mode. However, at least one type of connectivity is required for live feed, monitoring, etc. features.


Whenever you invest in home security products, the investment becomes a worthy one. Brands like Frontpoint and SimpliSafe offer multiple devices that efficiently guard your homes. As a user, you will always want the best for your home. Hence, it is natural to be confused between SimpliSafe and Frontpoint. This article solves the confusion by comparing the features of both brands. By understanding this comparison, a user can select a suitable brand between Frontpoint and SimpliSafe.

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