Adaptogen Beauty Shot by Four Sigmatic | Tremella Powder Infused | Organic Vitamin C with Zinc Drink | Vegan Collagen… Price: $17.00 (as of 10/04/2023 08:46 PST- Details)

BEAUTY STARTS WITHIN — All the natural ingredients you would expect from a magical beauty potion. We’ve Included powerful tremella, biotin vitamins for hair, skin, and nail health and organic pomegranate and blueberry juice concentrates, naturally packed full of antioxidants. Everything your body needs to glow from the inside out.
EXPERIENCE TREMELLA — Tremella mushroom extract has been used for beauty and skincare for thousands of years. Each shot contains a whopping 500mg of log-grown tremella mushroom powder, and we select only the finest fruiting bodies for maximum potency.
WELCOME TO FLAVOR TOWN — To make this good-for-you shot taste great, we’ve filled it with some of the world’s most nutrient-dense ingredients that pack a strong, flavorful punch. Organic pomegranate and blueberry juice concentrate, mixed with healthy pink Himalayan salt, defines the fruity flavor of this boundless beauty shot.