Authentic Himalayan Shilajit (Resin + Liquid Drops) by NutroTonic, The Most Potent & Natural Source of Fulvic & Humic… Price: $259.99 (as of 10/04/2023 08:43 PST- Details)

THE ONLY 100% SUN DRIED HIMALAYAN SHILAJIT RESIN & LIQUID DROPS – Carefully dried under the sun for over 40 DAYS, our Shilajit has the highest potency (85.6% Fulvic acid), bioavailibity and smoothest flavor on the market. Most brands use fire dried Shilajit which results in a lower potency and smoky smelling resin.
HEART HEALTHY- This powerful substance has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine as a way to support cardiovascular health.
IMMUNITY- Shilajit is one of the most potent substances on earth when it comes to supporting your immune system! It does this by helping your body with producing sufficient amounts of white blood cells. White blood cells are responsible for fighting off foreign invaders.