Life Extension Echinacea Elite – Get Strong Immune Support with Two Types of Echinacea Herb – Echinacea Supplement for… Price: $12.38 (as of 10/04/2023 08:43 PST- Details)

Echinacea Supports The Immune System – Clinical studies show the active compounds in echinacea root, leaves, and aerials support different parts of your immune response, which helps your body combat challenges. Echinacea has phenolic compounds that encourage different kinds of immune system activity like natural killer cells, monocytes and macrophages—all invaluable for seasonal and year-round preparedness.
Echinacea : Beyond Immune Support – Echinacea helps inhibit inflammatory factors to support immune health. Echinacea compounds can help inhibit cytokines, a family of chemical compounds released by immune cells. By helping support healthy cytokine activity, echinacea further supports a healthy immune response. And the better your immune system works, the easier it is to stay healthy.
Double Echinacea Standardized Extracts – This echinacea supplement combines standardized extracts from the two most scientifically supported echinacea species and the entire plant to cover the broad spectrum of actives found in the echinacea root, leaves, and stems. Why does standardization matter? The standardization process is essential because it’s the best way to ensure the quality and consistency of each ingredient, maximizing effectiveness.