Natural Rhythm Calm Bundle – Triple Calm Magnesium 150mg, 120 Capsules + B-CALMplex, Unique Vitamin B Blend, 90 Capsules Price: $39.63 (as of 10/04/2023 08:43 PST- Details)

Effective magnesium complex: Our unique blend combines magnesium taurate (supports cardiovascular health and blood pressure) with magnesium glycinate (promotes relaxation and quality sleep) and magnesium malate (helps with muscle soreness and cellular energy production.
Optimal absorption: Triple Calm Magnesium blends the best forms of chelated magnesium for high absorption, resulting in a magnesium complex that is easy on your stomach and non-laxative (unlike magnesium oxide and other forms of magnesium)
High quality ingredients: B-CALMplex contains the active premium quality form of folate (methylfolate) rather than folic acid. Triple Calm Magnesium is gluten free, sugar free, vegetarian, non-GMO and contains no yeast/soy, artificial colors or flavor.