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Liver Love and Brain Boost Bundle: Support your liver and Bring back focus. Try our Liver Cleanse and Lions Mane supplement combo today! Our powerful formula contains all-natural ingredients that work together to support liver function, detoxification, and cognitive function.
Organic Liver Cleanse – 80% silymarin to launch your liver rescue: Your liver is constantly at work optimizing your body’s health by filtering out harmful toxins, leaving only the good stuff for your body to absorb. But it needs help! Our liver cleanse includes milk thistle standardized to 80% silymarin, artichoke leaf, yellow dock root and dandelion root support your healthy liver, leaving it free to do its job at optimal efficiency.
Organic Lions Mane – Marvelous Mushrooms: Lion’s Mane Mushrooms have an extensive history in the wellness traditions of both China and Japan. Given the myriad benefits to body and mind, long known to eastern practitioners, it’s little wonder this marvelous mushroom is seeing a surge in popularity and scientific interest!